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Corpqii Productions

Name: Corpqii Productions
Founded: 1986?
Founder: Marc Plainguet
Country: USA

Underground label that started to release tapes by Marc Plainguet. At some point it merged with The Furnace Room.



CM-1 / CPCS-1 Marc Plainguet Amebas in Love 1986
CM-2 / CPCS-2 Marc Plainguet World Media 1986
CM-3 / CPCS-3 Marc Plainguet Demovision 1986
CM-4 Marc Plainguet Blood & Fire 1987
CM-5 / CPCS-4 Marc Plainguet Security, Shelter, Hope 1987
CM-6 / CPCS-5 Gadget Joyful Noize 1987
CM-7 / CPCS-6 Crazed Bunnyz Live! 1987
CPCS-7 Marc Plainguet Surrealism for Beginners 1989
CM-8 / CPCS-8 Marc Plainguet Cat's Welcome You Home 1989
CM-9 / CPCS-9 Crazed Bunnyz T.W.D.N.R.T.P.A.C.T.R.I. 1989
CPCS-10 Marc Plainguet Strange Tales 1990
CPCS-12 Gadget Gnashing of Teeth 1990
CPCS-13 Chris Yambar Weird Outtakes Voume 1 1990
CPCS-14 Ozmathoq Dance of the Cobra 1991
CPCS-15 Randy Dyer Diamond Child 1989
CPCS-18 Spike Asphalt Invasion 1991
CPCS-19 Spike Save the Children 1991
CPCS-21 Marc Plainguet Live at Cornerstone 90 1991
CPCS-22 35 Little Ducks in a Basket Live at Artatak 1991
CPCS-24 Marc Plainguet & Richard F. Hay, Sr. Almost Poetry, Not Quite Prose 1991
CPCF-25 Various Artists A Corpqii Artist Sampler 1992
CPCS-26 Spike Three for All 1993
Graveyard Cafe Fresh Ground 1992
CACS-MP-1 Marc Plainguet mebas in Love [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-2 Marc Plainguet World Media [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-3 Marc Plainguet Blood & Fire [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-4 Marc Plainguet Security, Shelter, Hope [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-5 Marc Plainguet Surrealism fo Beginners [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-6 Marc Plainguet Cat's Welcome You Home [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-7 Marc Plainguet Strange Tales [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-8 Marc Plainguet Live at Cornerstone 90 [re-issue] 1996
CACS-MP-9 Marc Plainguet Alt.Music.Marc-Plainguet.Best-Of 1996
CACS-MP-10 Marc Plainguet The Curiosity Shop 1998