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Skate Punk
Huntington Beach, California, USA

IN THE BEGINNING there was a vision. A vision of a band that would not cling to the current preferences of the day nor be swayed by what society had labeled as correct. A band that would rather stand up for what they know to be right and be rejected by the masses, than to receive praise from them for telling lies. A band that would not be intimidated nor daunted by the trials and tribulations that were inevitable given their conviction to the truth. This band began their journey in the ninth month of year ninteen hundred and ninty-eight and is known as Crosswalk.

Crosswalk is a three piece band based out of an area known as Huntington Beach in the Southern section of the state of California. They call upon the influence of bands such as Plankeye, U2, Stavesacre, The Foo Fighters, Brandtson, and Fanmail to form their unique brand of rock. A number of their earlier songs were presented to the world on the CD known as Nothing but Confusion which was released in the fourth month of the year nineteen hundred and ninty-nine. The band received regular play on the station known as KFSG 96.3 during the sixth month of that same year.

While a couple of line up changes would follow this portion of the journey, the music continues to be introspective and challenges people to pursue the absolute truth that continues to light the way and provide the only eternal source of hope in this world of darkness. In October the band recorded a new CD titled Three Steps From Insanity, thus preparing the way for the imminent take over with the dawning of a new century. Crosswalk remains committed to the journey to reclaim this world so content with mediocrity and so easily deceived by the superficiality and shallowness of music today.

Kurt Blake - Vocals and lead guitars

In the formative years of Crosswalk, the band was fortunate enough to encounter a man by the name of Kurt Blake who would change the face of music as we know it. Unbeknownst to him at the time, in less than a half a year he would become one of the primary songwriters of the band and soon take over the lead vocal duties. Mr. Blake would also become responsible for propagandizing the masses with shameless information that the band Crosswalk, once believed to be only a ancient myth, did indeed exist and was ready to conquer the world in the name of all which is Holy. Mr. Blake is currently making his presence felt at a label responsible for the distribution of bands with similar ideals and similar visions called Screaming Giant Records. Being the gracious soul he is, he does this all solely for the satisfaction of knowing that he is making a difference for the coming kingdom. This is Kurt.

Chris Lew - Bass & back-up vocals

One day a man known as Chris Lew was wandering around pondering the meaning of life, when he stumbled across a band which was in the process of materializing. He found that he shared a lot of common visions and common experiences as this band so he decided to join them and thus a grand journey had begun. However this band was void of any name, so Chris was blessed with a vision one night and was compelled to name the band Crosswalk. And it was good. Now many moons later, Chris is the only original member of the band remaining. From the beginning Mr. Lew had a vast amount of influence over which path the band would follow, however following the Great Split, his amount of influence increased substantially as he now is one of the primary song writers of the band known as Crosswalk along with Mr. Kurt Blake. And so the saga continues…

Mike Hesch - Drums

In the midst of Crosswalk's jouney to the deepest, unsearched regions of the human heart they encountered a brave soul with a similar mission wandering amid the chaos and clinging to the same valued ideals that had formed and shaped Crosswalk in yesterdays gone by. This man possessed the focus, talent, and determination that had alluded Crosswalk in the tail end of the earlier phases of their journey. This man served as the glimmer of hope within a world so consumed with mediocrity and mindlessness. This man was Mike Hesch. Upon his joining Crosswalk on their musical journey, the band was overcome with a renewed sense of clarity reassuring them that they had endeavored not in vain.



1999 Nothing But Confusion
2000 Three Steps From Insanity

Nothing But Confusion

1999 Independent

“5 song demo CD from 1999 in VG cond. Does not come with artwork. Christian skate punk. Terrific band. Kinda like Plankeye but rawer and way better.”

recorded in April 1999
at Selah Recording Studio by Dave Gehlhar
All photos by Kurt
all lyrics by John Filakouridis and music by Crosswalk
except *lyrics by Kurt and +lyrics by Chris

  • Disillusion (2:35)
  • Wasted (2:54)
  • Be My Everything* (3:54)
  • Shades (2:58)
  • Somewhere in Between+ (6:00)
  • Even Then+ (1:20)

Three Steps From Insanity

2000 Independent

tracks 1-5 recorded October, 1999 by Brian Tachilin at A-Room Recording Studios Anaheim , CA
tracks 6-8 recorded March 2000 in Westminster, CA
Front and Back Cover Photos by Angela Escalante
All songs written by Crosswalk

  1. Spinning Restless (3:19)
  2. Lift Me Up (3:45)
  3. Closure (4:45)
  4. Surround (4:17)
  5. Even Then (2:40)
  6. Somewhere in Between (5:33)
  7. Restoration (5:28)
  8. More Than You Know (4:35)