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Driving West

Groove Metal

“Formerly of the Christian band Sahara Rain, Andrew Mark, James Mathews, Richard Mathews, and Billy Fraser formed Driving West in 1999 after a brief breakup and self-defining soul-searching periods. They released their debut album, Power, in June 2000 on Kalubone Records.”


2000 Power Kalubone Records


2000 Kalubone Records (36671-1013-2)

Andrew Mark - Vocals, guitar, keyboards
James Mathews - Guitars, vocals
Richard Mathews - Guitars, bass, vocals
Mike Gage - Drums, backing vocals

Danny Balis - Backing vocals on “Power of Hope”
Trey Carmichael - Drums on “Power of Hope”

  1. Fear
  2. Power of Hope
  3. Color Blind/Anger
  4. Deny
  5. Messengers
  6. Must Be Love
  7. Follow
  8. Touch Your Soul
  9. Throwing It All Away
  10. Art of Letting Go
  11. Crushed Velvet
  12. Ooh La La

“Co-produced by Ty Tabor (King's X), this project is definitely a labor of love and has been a long time coming for these guys. Brought together by friendships, a love of God, and a desire to share life experiences, this band brings a fresh approach to music and ministry. The band says, 'until you are willing to sacrifice out of love for someone you have no business preaching.' 'We hope that through our music and ministry we are able to live out these ideas and share the joy and healing that only comes from knowing Jesus.'”