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Filet of Soul

Acoustic Rock
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“Filet of Soul is the latest in a seemingly unending line of cool bands from Atlanta. Brothers Adam and Greg Beadles along with Cornelius Freeman and Randy Chester form this quirky acoustic folk-pop band.

Adam Beadles always sings with a very smooth tenor, regardless of how funky the band may or may not be at any given moment. That vocal approach is what keeps this from being a totally chaotic collision of sounds. If you could imagine Caedmon's Call and Soulfood 76 joining forces, and losing all hint of fuzziness, you may have an idea what to expect here. Otherwise it's best to check them out for yourself.

Filet of Soul is definitely one of the more original indies of the year. I like the variety of sounds; it really keeps them from falling into the abyss of “sensitive college folky acoustic bands” that we have more than enough of already.

Filet of soul mixes folk, funk, pop, jazz and even disco into this beautifully intriguing debut album.”


“The band was formed in 1996 by brothers Adam Beadles and Greg Beadles. Adam is the band’s frontman, with Greg the principal songwriter. Shortly after formation, the band was joined by drummer Cornelius Freeman. Just over a year later, in early 1998, the current lineup was completed with the addition of Randy Chester. Randy’s guitar skills have contributed highly to the sound of the group. To start with, the band built up their reputation by touring the southeast, in venues such as colleges, clubs, festivals and coffeehouses. In November 1998, they released their full-length debut album, called Incommunicado. This brought the band’s work to a larger audience, through a mixture of radio airplay, album sales and press coverage.

The band’s music is a quirky fusion of acoustic folk-rock with funk, jazz and traditional pop. Adam Beadles’ consistently smooth vocals is what binds the at-times eclectic sound together.

Incommunicado was released on 3 November to much acclaim. The Phantom Tollbooth called it one of the “top independent albums of the year”, and 7 Ball Magazine labelled Filet Of Soul one of the “Top 25 Indie Bands” in the country.”



1998 Incommunicado Shank Records


1998 Shank Records

  1. Away (3:23)
  2. Copperpot (1:25)
  3. Point of View (3:21)
  4. Gravity (4:18)
  5. These Times (3:27)
  6. Lower Me (6:12)
  7. About the Rain (3:28)
  8. Filet of Soul (3:24)
  9. Sebastian (2:50)
  10. POV [reprise] (1:23)
  11. Broken Mirror (3:59)
  12. Freight Train (3:18)