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 +====== Global Warning ======
 +"​[[Julio Rey]] met Marc Golob when looking for a bassist for another project called Global Warning in late 1991. Global Warning was destined for failure due to inability to make schedules mesh.
 +“Link Line” was one song written for Global Warning: “I wrote this in late 1991, and it was originally supposed to be for Global Warning, my first failed post-[[The Lead|Lead]] band. It was inspired by a teen hotline set up by a local TV station which offered various and sundry bits of “advice” to kids seeking answers. The specifics are pretty well-detailed in the lyrics above. I don’t think I’d be as strident today on the same topics; I’m not sure this song does any service to selling the Christian viewpoint in the marketplace of ideas. It does do a good job of selling [[Frank’s Enemy]] as a band with an attitude. ​
 +We originally recorded this for our 1993 demo, //​Qoheleth//​ (and that was a better performance too - we weren’t under the gun with studio time). This was recorded in 1994 at Capstone Music. We also made a cheap video of this song the next year.”
 +(From [[http://​​2007/​06/​download-franks-enemy-three-more-songs-from-the-90s-on-last-fm/​]])