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God Speed

Hard Rock
Washington, USA

According to Jonathan Simonson: “In 1990 I Moved up to Washington State and reformed “Fear Not” 90, then Joined “The Evidence” 92 then out of frustration and desire to play Harder Music “God Speed” came to pass. The drummer (Greg Autrey) from “Fear Not” 90 and the bass player (John Himmelberger) from “the Evidence” 92 on guitar his main instrument and Jonathan Simonson on Vocal and Bass. It was a lot of Fun. Boy do I miss it.”


Called by Name

1994 Independent

Jonathan Simonson - Bass, vocals
John Himmelberger - Guitar
Greg Autry - Drums

  1. Intro
  2. Carry Me Out
  3. The Beginning
  4. Dead to Sin
  5. Forgotten Memories
  6. The Way
  7. Wanna Be
  8. See the Rain
  9. Called by Name
  10. At the Cross