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 ====== Hozana ====== ====== Hozana ======
-Pop Metal+Glam Metal\\ 
 +Reseda, California, USA
-This band was noted as sounding like Poison.+This obscure ​band was associated with the Sanctuary Church. Their only known demo was produced by George Ochoa (of [[Recon]], [[Deliverance (California)]],​ and [[Worldview]] fame). [[Jimmy P. Brown II]] ([[Deliverance (California)]]) makes an appearance on backing vocals. Tracy Ferrie wen on to play bass guitar for [[Seraiah]],​ [[Whitecross]],​ [[Stryper]],​ and Boston. Ray Vidal would also later play guitars briefly for [[Worldview]].
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
-| 1990 | Demo |+| 1990 | [[https://​​2019/​06/​05/​hozana-demo/​|Demo]] |
 ------ ------
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 1990 Independent 1990 Independent
 +Dana Aaron – Lead vocals, backup vocals\\
 +Ray Vidal – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backup vocals\\
 +Dan Weibel – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backup vocals\\
 +Tracy Ferrie – Bass\\
 +Roland Vergara – Drums, percussion\\
 +[[Jimmy P. Brown II]] - backing vocals
 +Produced by George Ochoa
   - Short Road to Ruin   - Short Road to Ruin