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Jackson Finch

Acoustic Duo

R. Berman (Facebook comment): “Indie debut Beyond Complacency (1993) was guitars-n-drum programming much like Jars of Clay, but two years before Jars' first album. It had a song about The Hobbit on it. Their second album, Experience, was on Warner Alliance in 1995. It was a major letdown, with standard CCM Adult Contemporary Production that killed their career in the cradle. That album did have a cover of Nanci Griffith's “It's a Hard Life,” which was a somewhat daring choice for a cover song.”


1993 Beyond Complacency
1995 Experience Warner Alliance

Beyond Complacency

1993 Independent

“This indie release from Kevin Jackson and Brian Finch, produced by Steve Dady, was like a proto-Jars of Clay, coming two years before Jars' self-titled album. These guys weren't in Jars, but they have the same “acoustic guitars with cool drum programming” sound, plus excellent harmonies. Christian themes predominate the lyrics, including one song which summarizes Tolkien's book The Hobbit by comparing it to a Pilgrim's Progress-type spiritual journey. “Language of Grace” is a gorgeous ballad, and the Christmas/Easter song “Southern Sky” takes the listener through some delightfully unexpected key changes.

Jackson Finch went on to a single major Christian label album release after this, but it failed to recapture the magic of this debut effort.” (from

  1. Waiting
  2. World of Wonder
  3. Southern Sky
  4. Secret Hiding Place
  5. Peace in the Temple
  6. Lift My Eyes
  7. Rhythm of the Rain
  8. The Language of Grace
  9. Forever Love
  10. Sweet Salvation


1995 Warner Alliance

  1. Mile of Me
  2. Only You
  3. This Love
  4. To Believe
  5. Jesus is There
  6. One Day Before Someday
  7. Fascinated
  8. Diamonds in the Road
  9. Waiting
  10. It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
  11. Your Grace