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Knuckle Duster

Alternative Rock
Chicago, Illinois, USA

“The four-piece, rock band out of the Chicago-land area, known as Knuckle Duster, has devoted their lives to making their music honest and original with hopes to inspire, touch, and move its listeners. Rusty (vocals and guitar), Jon (drums), Mike (bass and piano) and John (guitar) have spent the past five years writing, playing and recording music together, that they believe in and live for. After five years of playing together and countless years of devotion to every aspect of music, Knuckle Duster is ready to take that final step that leads them to sink or swim. With confidence in hand and fulltime jobs and school in the gutter, the band is going to do nothing but tour and promote their music all over the world. With no outside help from a label or anyone else this will be a very tough task, but with over five years of D.I.Y. experience, hopefully someone will take notice and open some doors for these hard working boys. Knuckle Duster classifies their music as straightforward rock, without the big bank account. It’s the type of music that keeps your foot tapping, your head bopping, then in a split second can bring a tear to your eye, make you throw your fist in the air with rage, or take you back to another time or place in your life. Simple definition is: it’s music that relates. They’re definitely radio friendly yet at the same time keep a great underground following. Some of the things that make KD different from other bands are the writing, attitude, work ethic and live performance of the band. The song writing is very fresh, not generic or rehashed. The lyrics are poetic and true. The band has a great attitude and work ethic, their ready to cancel any obligation to play a show on a moments notice. They love playing out for any size audience, there’s great energy in their live performances. Their motto is, “Play every show like it’s the most important show we’re ever going to play”. Knuckle Duster has played all over the U.S. Mostly they’ve stuck around their hometown Chicago. They’ve played an array of venues from theater/arenas, for crowds of over 1500 to basements and garages with a full capacity of 50. KD has shared the stage with too many great bands to list here but there is a discography if you want to refer to it. The band has been in and out of the studio on at least twelve different occasions and has well over 350 hours of studio experience. They’ve recorded in five different studios with five different engineers. From all these recordings Knuckle Duster has put out three different 7” records, at least ten different songs on many different CD compilations, and many free cassettes and CDs. They’ve also appeared regularly on many college radio stations and major radio stations like Chicago’s WKQX (Q101.1 FM). They’ve also played live on a few cable access shows. Every now and then you can catch a KD song on the extreme ski and snowboard show Snomotion on Fox Sports Channel. Throughout the years Knuckle Duster has done many D.I.Y. promotions, such as: T-shirts, patches, stickers, flyers, mailing lists that spans all over the U.S. and into a few other countries, websites, reviews in magazines, news letters and as many live performances as they could fit into a week. They’ve put everything they possibly can into this band and are not willing to slow down. In fact with the release of their first full length CD Waiting for the Next Dilemma they feel that they have just begun. “We love music more than life. We were raised by it and plan on dying with our instruments in hand. It’s where we belong; it’s all we know. Our plan for the future is to tour, tour, record, promote, tour and tour until each surviving member’s heart stops! God bless Rock-n-Roll!” We appreciate any help we can get and we thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.” (from


2000 Waiting for the Next Dilemma

Waiting for the Next Dilemma

2000 Independent

Rusty Layton - Vocals/Guitar
John DeLeon - Guitar
Mike Wyatt - Bass
Jon Flood - Drums

“Knuckle Duster has a pretty good thing going. The band's emo/punk/indie rock style is similar to the intense songwriting of more youthful emocore acts like Braid and Nymb. A mix between: Samiam, Jawbreaker and AC/DC. A mixture of songs that are true to themselves and true to others.” (From a Dead Parrott Records eBay Description:

  1. Kit
  2. Bait Caster
  3. Void Filler
  4. Baggage
  5. Selling Yourself
  6. Like Falling
  7. Sleep Forever
  8. Waiting for the Next Dilemma