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 Alternative Rock\\ Alternative Rock\\
 Netherlands Netherlands
 +At the end of 1996, when the grunge-hype of that time had almost passed, five musicians planned to make music which told another tale. This was to be a new story, different from the brief sadness of romantic teenagers and disillusioned junkies. Maybe it was time for other sounds and new songs, time to strike a new chord.
 +At the beginning of 1997, Kryptonite Garden celebrated her birth with the demo //​Anniversary Club//. Cheerful, fresh songs alternated with slow, muffled sounds and showed a band searching for a tone, a sound of their own. After a couple of gigs and some more fiddling, they came up with the CD //Extra Free// in 1998 - to tell that indeed a meaning of their own, their own sound, had been found. Some aspects of other bands could be heard, yet music magazine FRET wrote the following: "​Kryptonite Garden manages to defeat these musical examples with sophisticated compositions that are performed in an extremely professional way. The fresh popsongs each have such a high quality that you just have to admire the talents of the five young musicians."​ (September 1998). The CD could be found in the Lowlands Top Three for three months (at ranks 7, 4 and 1) and received favorable reviews in music magazines and airplay at the national radio channel, Radio 3, mainly with the program //​Isabelle//​. The latter also provided a live session on the //The Sally Family: New Projections//​ CD. Some of the stages where the five musicians have played are Paradiso (support act for The Cardigans) and Winston Kingdom.
 +September 25, 2000, was the day of the release of the new CD. It was presented again at //​Isabelle//​ on Radio 3. This CD is entitled //The Farewell Integrity//​. It gives a more mature, acoustically based sound, filled with more melancholy. Yet still the composed pop sound can be recognized easily, as could also be heard on previous productions. In October 2000 Holland and Belgium was treated to a short tour, during which this band was completed with extra musicians, who can also be heard on the CD. 
 +After the tour Minco, Rene, and Daniel called it quits for performing live with KG. Theo and Alice are now performing as a duo, doing Kryptonite Garden songs. Really good songs only need an acoustic guitar, won't you say so? 
 +But although playing as an acoustic duo satisfied a great deal of the audience, Alice and Theo wanted the live performances give a better representation of the beautiful arrangements they used to play with the whole band. Therefore they asked a piano player to complete their performances. With the guest musicians and the organ-stile-rhythm-box joining Kryptonite Garden, the melancholic and easy sound of the earlier performances where here to accomplish goose bumps on the audience again. ​
 +During the summer of 2002 Sally Forth Records released a new sampler //Hits Of The 80'​s//​. For this album KG recorded "Play It Cool" which was originally performed by Munchener Freiheit.
 +At the beginning of the new year, Alice and Theo got to a fresh start on writing new material for a possible new album. The album //The Farewell Integrity// might have been prophetic to the farewell of three KG members, but it will not lead to the farewell of your dear Kryptonite Garden. ​
 +Alice Ten Brinke - Vocals\\ ​
 +Theo Nap - Rhythm guitar\\
 +Daniel Thomassen - Melody guitar\\ ​
 +Rene de Vries - Bass guitar\\
 +Minco Eggersman - Drums
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
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   - Kijk Verder Dan Je Jeugd Lang Is   - Kijk Verder Dan Je Jeugd Lang Is
   - Speechless Thoughts   - Speechless Thoughts
 +"Easy noise from the Netherlands with an obvious touch of The Cardigans and a singer who, with her sweet voice, seems to come straight from Wonderland. Cheerful melodies and titles such as 'Kijk Verder Dan Je Jeugd Lang Is' reveal a positive and humorous out."
 ------ ------