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Marloe Scott Wilson

Synth Pop / New Wave
South Africa

“South African singer, actress, voice artist and painter. She was known as 'The Pink Lady' in the 1980s for her shocking pink hair.”

Wilson's song “Love Explosion” as originally featured on the [{Refuge Records]] sampler Rock Around the World in 1984. According to the September 1985 issue of The Cutting Edge, the release of her full length album was delayed for some time, but it was released by the end of 1985.


1985 The Pink Lady Refuge Records

The Pink Lady

1985 Refuge Records (R84009)

Marloe Scott Wilson - Vocals
George Cocchini - Electric guitar
John Lawry - Keyboards, synth bass, keyboard programming
Tommy Greer - Keyboards
Rick Cua - Bass
Mike Brignardello - Bass
Joe English - Drums
Dave Adams - Drums

Sam Levine - Sax
Frank Adahl - Background vocals
Larry Stewart - Background vocals
The Butch McGhee Singers - Background vocals

Produced by John Lawry and Ray Nenow

  1. Twilight (3:09)
  2. Reign on Me (3:40)
  3. I Believe in Loving You (4:12)
  4. Dance Your Way In (3:39)
  5. Behold The Glory (3:10)
  6. Taking It Out on the Streets (4:18)
  7. Picture Window (3:41)
  8. Love Explosion (3:58)
  9. Battle Line (3:38)
  10. Falling in Love (3:36)

Compilation Appearances

Rock Around the World (1984 Refuge Records)
05) Love Explosion (3:55)