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Mission of Mercy

Grunge / Alternative
Aurora, Illinois, USA

Mission of Mercy signed to Etcetera Records and recorded their debut full-length album Yonderboy. However, after releasing some pre-release CDs, the band was forced to change names by the relief organization connected to Mother Theresa by the same name. So they decided to switch names, calling their band Yonderboy and the album Mission of Mercy.


1990 Shadows
1990 Killing Time
1991 Cages Crashing
1993 Mission of Mercy


1990 Independent

Killing Time

1990 Independent

Cages Crashing

1991 Independent

  1. Walls
  2. Heart Cries Out
  3. Love Came Crashing
  4. Cage of Flesh

At some point after releasing this demo, they changed guitarists to Mark Schwartzburg (King's X guitar tech). It is unknown how long he was in the band.

Mission of Mercy

1993 Independent

Randy Kerkman - Vocals, guitar
Joe DiSanto - Bass
Chris Wicklas - Drums

Eric Pace - Bass guitar
Jon Erickson - Keyboards

  1. Killing Time
  2. How Soon
  3. Let Me
  4. Back to Eden