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Missionary One

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Watertown, Tennessee, USA

Solo band of Chris Dickens. Under this name Chris has released several demo tapes and in 2005 independently released his first full length CD.


1994 The Future's Already Known
1995 Rest in Peace
2004 The Future's Already Known (re-issue?)
2005 Take Another Swig
2005 Show Me the Way
2008 Mission of One Full-length
2013 Hostile to the Gospel Full-length

The Future's Already Known

1994 Independent

Chris Dickens - All bass, rhythm guitars, lead and backing growls and screams

Scotty Massey - Lead guitar
J.D. Wagner - Drums
Danny Jennings - Strings on “Depart from Me”

  1. The Future's Already Known
  2. Deliverance
  3. You Are My Lord
  4. Sea of Despair
  5. Depart from Me
  6. He's Been Good to Me

Rest in Peace

1995 Independent

  1. Rest in Peace
  2. Richest Poor Man
  3. Far Away
  4. No Other
  5. Daddy's Little Girl
  6. M.O.M.
  7. Father of Lies
  8. Sodom, Gomorrah, America
  9. Overcome
  10. When the King Comes Down

Take Another Swig

2005 Independent

Chris Dickens - All rhythm guitars, bass, vocals, some percussion, lead guitars on “Sea Of Despair,” “Overcome,” “Sufficient for Me,” and “Slave to Sin”

Darren Dickens - Drums, percussion
Marty Jenkins - Lead guitar
Bart Gardner - Drums on “Talkin' 'Bout Jesus” and “Take Another Swig”

  1. Deliverance
  2. Take Another Swig
  3. Life's Just Bad
  4. Sea of Despair
  5. Don't Deny
  6. You are My Lord
  7. Give It to Jesus
  8. Rock N Roll
  9. Overcome
  10. Slave to Sin
  11. Talkin' 'Bout Jesus
  12. Sufficient for Me
  13. Hard Working Preacher Man