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Mr. Bishop's Fist

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

Mr. Bishop’s Fist was a hardcore band that appeared on a couple of major compilations and gained a cult following before disappearing into obscurity. Drummer Timothy Henderson recently shared the various incarnations of bands that led up the band that most people have heard of: Warlord: “Me and Jonathan Ford were really into Fugazi, Quicksand, and Helmet and wanted to make a Christian band that was along those lines because we hadn't heard anything remotely close to that at the time in that scene (we were unaware of the SoCal Christian HX stuff). Jonathan had a friend who played guitar so he immediately became the 3rd member.

Mr. Bishop’s Fist became friends with a band called Fuse of Ire. Both Mr. Bishop’s Fist's and Fuse of Ire's music taste was maturing a lot at the time so me and Jonathan [joined with] Rickey [Rodgers] and Nathan from Fuse of Ire combined to form Catechumen to play some even heavier but far more emotive and complex music. We were to all move to Portland but Nathan stayed in the south, Jonathan moved straight to Seattle to join Roadside Monument (after their first album). Me and Rickey were left to play as a two piece in Portland.

Me and Rickey kept developing Catechumen songs and writing new stuff as well. We sent a practice tape to Tooth & Nail Records and they wanted us to record for them (they thought we were the Christian Unsane, I heard - haha). We had no bassist so Jonathan Ford played on the EP to help but was never really in the band other than that. We called ourselves Warlord because we saw Braveheart in the theater and we thought the whole thing of living out what you believe to the end was really what we were about.”


1995 Tunnel Brawl
199? Poop Smorgasbord / Jesus Pooped Too!
199? 8 Song demo

Tunnel Brawl

1995 Independent

Johnathan Ford - Vocals, bass
Mike Jameson - Guitar
Tim Henderson - Drums

  1. Confuted System (4:08)
  2. Container (3:55)
  3. You're Stolen (5:46)

Compilation Appearances

Demo-lition II (1994 R.E.X. Music):
01) Confuted System (4:08)

Helpless Amongst Friends (1994 Tooth & Nail Records):
04) You're Stolen (5:46)