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Paul Falzone

Acoustic Rock
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Paul later changed his name to Eli Stone, and released albums under the eLi moniker.


1993 Demo
1995 Paul Falzone Rugged Records


1993 Independent

  1. Bound for Glory
  2. Better Day
  3. Sometimes
  4. America
  5. I'll Bow Down

Paul Falzone

1995 Rugged Records (RGD88012)

Paul Falzone - All vocals, background vocals, rhythm acoustic guitars
Chris Howell - Electric guitar, classical guitar, slide guitar, dobro, rhythm acoustic guitar, all lead guitars
Jim Laverde - Fretless bass, acoustic bass, electric bass
Bob Beeman - Piano

  1. America
  2. I'll Bow Down
  3. Ignorance is Bliss
  4. Daddy's Arms
  5. Song For Terese
  6. Daniel
  7. This Train
  8. Sometimes
  9. Say a Prayer
  10. Better Day