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Alternative Rock
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

“In the nineteen nineties a group of twee schoolboy punks, Polarboy, began getting firmly up the collective nose of the Nashville white-soul cognoscenti. Much more loathed than loved, and reveling in their outsider status, Polarboy attracted a dense little coterie of followers who duly set up a nationwide tour funded by busking, and the refrigerators of those fans' generous parents. Driven half-mental by their experiences the group came home, ditched their indie twiddling and embarked upon a new course of songwriting so sickeningly mainstream that it led to a long career being spoilt stupid by the radio and recording industries of the English speaking world. Limos to the private jet, ponds full of cash, week-long parties in Beverly Hills, that sort of thing. By 2002 the thing had run it's cliched course; the group's fortunes were dwindling and, held hostage by a record label that had gone out of business but would not release their grip, the band members put the band into cryogenic suspension and set about writing two LPs; a Pol Buckingham Alone affair and an entirely different Joe Nawrocki electronic pop masterpiece. When forced by penury, politeness, or acute fear they can sometimes also be heard to trawl out tired versions of their withered hits. Polarboy now lives a quiet life of standing up and sitting down.” (from

Pol Buckingham - Vocals, guitars
Joe Nawrocki - Lead guitars
Rob Wilson - Bass
Matt Loftis - Drums


1996 Polar Boy
1998 Back From Nowhere Rustproof Records
2000 4008 Rustproof Records

Polar Boy

1996 Independent

  1. 4 Leaf Clover
  2. Sunshine
  3. Lume
  4. Everything
  5. Expectations
  6. The Weird Song
  7. Angels
  8. My Favorite Distraction

Back From Nowhere

1998 Rustproof Records

  1. I'll Try
  2. Do You Think?
  3. Nickels For Green-Eyed Girls
  4. Back For More
  5. In My Shoes
  6. One Bad Date
  7. Four Leaf Clover
  8. Babystarr
  9. Do What You Can
  10. What I Need

“What at first was a demo becomes a chart topping and award nominee for rising rock band Polarboy. Whether Christian or not this album aims at the heart of what effects us all: relationships, family, fears, failures, and success. With a sound reminiscent of old U2 and REM combined with the new sounds of Wallflowers and Counting Crows, Polarboy takes basic rock into the new millennium.” (from


2000 Rustproof Records

  1. Lower
  2. Everytime
  3. Night Drives
  4. At Least I Tried
  5. Nothing Left
  6. Longer Weekend
  7. Mountain Man
  8. In the Name of
  9. Train Song
  10. Fall
  11. Bria