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Public Confession

Punk Rock
Sunland, California, USA

Public Confession was a temporary new name for the band Moral Majority. The Southern California branch of Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority group heard about the band Moral Majority using the same name. They contacted the band and threatened legal action of they didn't stop using the name. So Dave “Burrito” Villalpando re-named the band as Public Confession, a name that stuck with the band for only a few months. Burrito decided to leave the band and went on to form The Warning and then Eightball Cholos.


198? Demo


198? Independent

A 1989 issue of Burning Bush magazine reported that demos by Public Confession and Association of the Cross were also planned as part of the Godcore Series by The Furnace Room, but those demos were never released. However, it is believed that this demo does exist somewhere.