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Progressive Metal
Iowa, USA

Pursuit's music has been compared to Kansas, Queensryche and Dream Theater with influences ranging from ELP and Yes to Rush and Metallica. A quote from Dan Wolfe, “Some groups I enjoyed listening to include Kansas, ELP, Rush, and Yes. Although I enjoyed their sound, it seemed the lyrics were hollow. It became my desire to couple my music with lyrics that would glorify God. This is what God has called me to pursue.” In this lost world, Pursuit's music is a real alternative to secular music. It appeals to the emotions and trials of all people in a positive Christian way. Their music paints a picture of Jesus' saving grace through powerful lyrics and scripture based teaching. Much can be taught through lyrics and even more can be taught when lyrics are paired with powerful music. Perhaps it is here that their music gets its personality. It's not just flashy musicianship, it's music that paints a picture.


1991 Demo
1993 Pursuit
1995 Pursuit
2005 Quest


1991 Independent

  1. Wanderer
  2. Onward
  3. Time


1993 Independent

  1. Wanderer
  2. Awe of God
  3. Your Power
  4. Woman and the Dragon


1995 Independent

  1. America the Beautiful (0:29)
  2. These Walls (4:34)
  3. Wanderer (5:26)
  4. He Calls Us Back (4:54)
  5. How Can We Survive (4:25)
  6. Awe of God (3:54)
  7. Woman and the Dragon (5:08)
  8. The Time (4:10)


2005 Independent

Andrew Zuehlke - Vocals
Dan Wolfe - Guitars, keyboards
John Sebring - Drums

  1. Good Fight (4:31)
  2. Automaton (6:47)
  3. The Feeling of Tomorrow's Better (9:50)
  4. Quest (6:55)
  5. Restless (3:14)
  6. Answer the Call (8:37)
  7. Time (4:08)
  8. Your Power (4:19)
  9. Song of Victory (5:54)
  10. His Kingdom (6:45)