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Sabaothic Cherubim

Death Metal / Grindcore
Belcamp, Maryland, USA

Originally formed in 1990 by Andrew Phillips, under the band name Cherubim. The band was born at a time when Death Metal, Grindcore and Black Metal were all still underground genres. Early influences came from Death, Vengeance Rising, Napalm Death, Possessed, Mortification, Morgoth and the list goes on. They recorded two compilations in Perry Hall, Maryland under the name Cherubim; one self-titled EP and one LP titled Decomposed Remains. Shortly after Decomposed Remains' release in October 1991; Andrew changed the name to Sabaothic Cherubim, and was joined by guitarist Shane Ball. The first release the band would record under the new name was an EP titled Covered in Blood, which was released in December 1991. The band's first release for 1992 was a LP titled The Gate Keeper; this was Sabaothic Cherubim's longest album, containing 18 songs. Shortly after the release of The Gate Keeper; Sabaothic Cherubim would release an EP titled Decapitation! This release was recorded in Columbus, Ohio and would contain 3 studio tracks and 4 live tracks. There was also a live video shot at that time for an underground record company based out of Los Angeles, California. The video was never released due to financial problems within the company, which sparked legal action between Sabaothic Cherubim and the record company; Sabaothic Cherubim won. Towards the end of 1992, they would release another EP titled Beltane Ritual; this album was recorded in Baltimore, MD. In June of 1993, Sabaothic Cherubim would record their final compilation before their splitting up; the EP was titled Decomposed Remains. Even though it had the same title as their 1991 release, this recording contained 2 newer songs: “Blaspheme the Unholy” and “Immortal Reign.” Between 1990 and 1993, the band would release a total of 7 albums (5 EP's and 2 LP's). In 1994, Andrew made the decision to leave the band due to personal reasons. Shane was given the rights to all the music and lyrics, and full permission to use the band's name; but for personal reasons decided to let the band die.

In 2005, after much time away from the Death Metal/Grindcore scene, Andrew made the decision to resurrect the band. During the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 he wrote new material, and by that summer, started recording Where the Blood Flows. This EP was the band's debut after a 12 year hibernation. This album would also include a revised logo; one with a neon green glow (the original was white with blood dripping from it). Later that year Andrew was rejoined by Shane, and the band began work on Beyond the Baphomet (their first full length LP since 1992). Beyond the Baphomet was completed in May 2007, and the band released a video for “Decomposed Remains.”


1990 Cherubim Cherubim
1991 Cherubim Decomposed Remains
1991 Sabaothic Cherubim Covered in Blood
1992 Sabaothic Cherubim The Gate Keeper
1992 Sabaothic Cherubim Decapitation!
1992 Sabaothic Cherubim Beltane Ritual
1993 Sabaothic Cherubim Decomposed Remains
2007 Sabaothic Cherubim Beyond the Baphomet
2006 Sabaothic Cherubim Where the Blood Flows

Decomposed Remains

1993 Independent

Andrew Phillips - Vocals, guitars, bass
Shane Ball - Guitars
Bobby Kortez - Drums

  1. Summoning the Body (Intro)
  2. Blaspheme the Unholy
  3. Decapitation
  4. Decomposed Remains
  5. Immortal Reign