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Sanctified Noise

Punk Rock
Addison, Texas, USA

“From 1989-2001 Sanctified Noise pioneered Christian punk rock in Dallas, TX. At the time there was probably only about four other Christian punk rock bands in the world. Our regular gigs were Theatre Gallery and The Prophet in Deep Ellum as well as Slipped Disc, The Lighthouse Underground, and many youth groups. Sanctified Noise recorded two demos, namely Oops, I Swallowed My Tongue and Grappling With the Electric Bloodhound. Their logo was Fred The Head designed by bass player Craig Sandifer. A highlight of our “career” included playing Cornerstone music festival. We were known for making toast on stage, smashing things, throwing raw fish into the audience, witty stage banter, wrapping Steve's body in cellaphane or aluminum foil and pelting Juan's motorcycle helmeted head with raw eggs during his guitar solo. Other favorite moments included “The Cheese Song” and having The Lead open for us. The Texas Dam Jam was also special and really hot too. In the immortal words of Steve Graebosch, SQUAW!”


1989 Garage Demo
1990 Oops, I Swallowed My Tongue
1991 Grappling With The Electric Bloodhound

Garage Demo

1989 Independent

  1. Shema
  2. I Love God
  3. More Than Man
  4. Rundown
  5. God is Love
  6. Get Saved
  7. Bloodwashed

Oops, I Swallowed My Tongue

1990 Independent

Steve Graebosch – Vocals
Juan Galloway – Guitar
Alec Gobel – Bass
JME Fawcus – Drums

  1. Bimind
  2. Heart Attack
  3. The Flow
  4. Sin
  5. Rundown

Grappling With the Electric Bloodhound

1991 Independent

Steve Graebosch – Vocals
Juan Galloway – Guitar
Craig Sandifer – Bass
JME Fawcus – Drums

  1. Electric Lazyboy
  2. Grappling
  3. Dance of the Bloodhounds
  4. Skate Rock Revisited
  5. Visualize Repentance
  6. Band Jam / Cheese Song