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Scaterd Few

Punk Rock
Burbank, California, USA

Scaterd Few was a Christian punk band originating from Burbank, California. CCM magazine described their music as “pure punk for dread people,” stating that it was a cross between Janes Addiction and Charlie Mingus.

Scaterd Few initially existed from 1983 until 1984 with a brief stint in 1985. Led by Allan Aguirre, then known as Rämald Domkus, the band recorded an 11-song demo with Terry Scott Taylor (of Daniel Amos fame) as producer in June 1983. Some of the material from this time was later released on their album Out of the Attic. Being unable to sell the material at the time, Scaterd Few went on hiatus in 1985 and Allan left to produce music with another band, Cygnet. This band became the blueprint for Allan's later goth band Spy Glass Blue.

In 1989, Allan began work on Scaterd Few material again with brother/original bassist Omar Domkus. Working with Terry Scott Taylor and Gene Eugene, their first new material was released in 1990 on Alarma Records. Sin Disease was critically well received, though its lyrical content and rumors (of being Rastafarian and not traditional Christian) caused a national pull from Zondervan Bookstores. The band played Christian festivals such as Cornerstone, but they didn't limit themselves to Christian venues. They toured with secular artists such as Bad Brains, and would play at explicitly non-Christian events such as an Earth First event. The band ran into further trouble in 1991 when, in an interview, Aguirre admitted to smoking pot. These factors led to the band being dropped from Alarma's roster.

Their next effort at making an album, which eventually resulted in the 1994 release of Jawboneofanass, was a direct result of the aftermath of Sin Disease. The album was recorded three times. The first time, the band again worked with Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor. This recording was made for the general market under the auspices of Vox Vinyl. The second recording was done with Dave Hackbarth (of the band Undercover) and Terry Taylor for Micheal Knott's Blonde Vinyl Records. Neither of these versions were released. The third version was produced independently with assistance from Mark Rodrieguez of Mortal / Blood fame.

The release coincided with the re-release of Out of the Attic on Flying Tart Records. Out of the Attic is a compilation of material from Scaterd Few's early existence - the 1983 to 1984 time frame. The release shows the roots of Scaterd Few in early 1980s punk rock. The sound is raw and rough, but clearly shows the origin of many of the Few's later sounds.

In the winter of 1995, their manager, Tim Cook, secured a recording contract with Tooth & Nail Records. Artistic direction and personality differences between members caused the band to part ways in early 1996. Allan immediately started working on new material and Spy Glass Blue was officially born.

In 1998 Allan once again rebuilt Scaterd Few with an all new lineup, and Grandmother's Spaceship was released on Jackson Rubio.

Their most recent material, Omega No. 5, was released in 2002 on Allan's own label, Accidental Sirens.


1983 First Demo
1983 11-Song Demo
1990 Sin Disease Alarma Records
1991 Out of the Attic Sacrosanctus Records
1994 Jawboneofanass Sopa Records
1994 Out of the Attic (reissue) Flying Tart Records
1998 Grandmother's Spaceship Jackson Rubio Recordings
2002 Omega No. 5 Accidental Sirens
2015 Sin Disease (vinyl reissue) Burnt Toast Vinyl

First Demo

1983 Independent

Rämald Domkus (Allan Aguirre) – Vocals on track 1, guitars, drums
Omar Domkus – Vocals on track 2, bass, BGV
Lou Becaria – Lead guitar on track 2

  1. Gave Us Life (2:28)
  2. Untitled (1:29)

This was the demo that got Terry Taylor’s attention.

11 Song Demo

1983 Independent

Allen Pelerin – Vocals
Rämald Domkus (Allan Aguirre) – Guitars, BGV
Omar Domkus – Bass, BGV
Brian Anderson – Drums

Produced by Terry Scott Taylor

Songs include:

  • P.T.T.C.P. (1:52)
  • The End (2:48)
  • Anti-I’m Right (1:37)
  • Anti Ape (1:48)
  • Tid Bit (0:16)
  • Death (0:40)

This was originally an 11 song demo produced by Terry Scott Taylor. The songs listed above were the only ones released on Out of the Attic in 1991. The names of the other songs recorded at this time are unknown.

Sin Disease

1990 Alarma Records (CD09218)
2015 Burnt Toast Vinyl (BTV 100)

Rämald Domkus - Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion
Jamie Mitchell - Electric guitar, backing vocals
Omar Domkus - Bass guitar, backing vocals
Samuel West - Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Terry Scott Taylor – additional string arrangements on “Look Into My Side”, additional voices
Riki Michele – female vox on “A Freedom Cry”
Jav – additional BGV’s
Drew Domkus – additional keys on “Look Into My Side”
Tools, Ed Lover – additional guitars
Greg Flesch – lounge piano & horns on “Kill the Sarx II”, additional guitars

Produced by Rämald Domkus, Terry Scott Taylor, and Omar Domkus

  1. Kill the Sarx (1:26)
  2. While Reprobate (1:41)
  3. Beggar (2:22)
  4. Lights Out (2:51)
  5. Later (LA 1989) (3:37)
  6. Groovey (2:56)
  7. Glass God (No Freedom in Basing) (2:08)
  8. As the Story Grows (1:28)
  9. U (1:53)
  10. A Freedom Cry (2:30)
  11. Scapegoat (1:17)
  12. Wonder Why (1:36)
  13. DITC (1:09)
  14. Self (1:13)
  15. Look Into My Side (4:09)
  16. Kill The Sarx II (Apocalypse) (7:05)

Out of the Attic – Circa 83-84

1991 Sacrosanctus Records
1994 Flying Tart Records (TART1001)

Rämald Domkus (Allan Aguirre) – vocals on track 1, guitars on tracks 1-11, drums on tracks 12 – 20, BGV
Omar Domkus – bass, BGV, vocals on track 2
Lou Becaria – lead guitar on track 2
Allen Pelerin – vocal on tracks 3 – 20
Brian Anderson – drums on tracks 3 – 11
Andy Zachari – guitars on tracks 12 – 16
Ben Eschbach – guitars on tracks 17 – 20

  1. Gave Us Life
  2. Untitled
  3. Death
  4. Echo
  5. Sin Face
  6. T.T.C.P
  7. The End
  8. Anti – I’m Right
  9. Anti Ape
  10. Tid Bit
  11. Death
  12. Tid Bit
  13. T.T.C.P.
  14. Gave Us Life
  15. Anti Ape
  16. Anti-I’m Right
  17. Tid Bit 2
  18. Ratzak at the Beach
  19. Wipeout
  20. Solo


1994 Sopa Records (SRD002)

Allan Aguirre – Lead vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion
Paul Figueroa – Electric guitars, samples
Omar Domkus – Electric fretless, acoustic/electric fretted bass
Drew Domkus – Keyboards
Samuel West – Drums, percussion

Jyro – Additional keyboards on “Once Upon”, other vocals
Edie Goodwin – Female voices
Eric Clayton – Other vocals?

  1. Witchcraft (3:04)
  2. Dreams (4:04)
  3. Sinking in Sorrow (4:21)
  4. Sheets (4:09)
  5. Stretch (4:10)
  6. Once Upon… (3:38)
  7. Oom Pah Pah (2:03)
  8. Reel Not Real (4:53)
  9. Holding Stare (4:33)
  10. Dame (3:56)
  11. Ransom (4:18)
  12. Pinnacle (4:26)

Grandmother's Spaceship

1998 Jackson Rubio Recordings (JRD106)

Allan Aguirre – Vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards/treatments
Russell Archer – Electric guitar, special effect, keyboard, background vocals
Steven Meigs – Fretted, fretless bass guitars
Steve Martens – Drums, percussion

Cristina Aguirre – Background vocals in “Vanishing”
Lee Harbaugh – Trombone
Joshua Pyle – Keyboards, sampling
Corin Aguirre – Bobby in “Bobby’s Song”
Diane Morren – Grandmother in “Bobby’s Song”

  1. Space.Junk
  2. Lullaby
  3. Win.the.Fisher
  4. Arbitrator
  5. Future.Love
  6. Species
  7. Incorruptible
  8. Vanishing
  9. Suspension.My.Love
  10. Bobby's.Song
  12. Wormhole
  13. Splendor
  14. As.The.Story.Grows V.2

Omega No. 5

2002 Accidental Sirens (ASCD05)

Allan Aguirre - Guitar, vocals, drums
Brad Bevill - Guitar, backing vocals
Chris Smythers - Bass, backing vocals

Letha Gaines – vocals on “Rise Up”
Raymond Abbey – vocals on “Rise Up”

  1. Run if You Can
  2. Resistance
  3. Fair is He
  4. This is…
  5. Rise Up!
  6. Parental Advisory
  7. Anybody - Everybody
  8. Shark Attack
  9. Camel Crawl
  10. Tomorrow
  11. Only
  12. Sleeper
  13. Life Bleeds Out
  14. Sheol
  15. Secret - Secret
  16. Untitled