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Industrial Noise

“Bearing a distinct influence of Swedish noise legends like Sanctum and Mental Destruction, Scrap/Grinder's first collaboration fuses post industrial percussion with generative beats, glitches, and abrasive, moody technoid atmospheres.

Originally recorded in 2005 and completed in 2012, Ganum includes four powerful tracks that push the envelope of rhythmic electronic noise. Featuring a guest vocal appearance by Håkan Paulsson (of The November Commandment, Counterblast, Sanctum and Azure Skies), Scrap/Grinder presents a compelling debut that leaves the listener wanting for much more.

Those familiar with the artists may be able to pick up on the mixture of Aphorism's digital complexities with Millipede's deep percussive sensibilities, resulting in an aggressive burst of high tech and low tech distorted rhythms, drones, and melodies. Scrap/Grinder is truly a unique listening experience, not to be missed.:



2012 Granum


2012 Independent

High tech - Josh Pyle
Low tech - Don Hill
Vocals - Håkan “Palle” Paulsson

Produced and recorded in Chicago, 2004-2005 Additional production in Chicago and Jönköping, 2012 Vocals recorded at Hoborec Studio by Ulf Blomberg

Artwork by Cathy Nieng
Mastering by Josh Pyle (Audio Paradox)

“To Make a Ring” written by David Eugene Edwards, 2004
Courtesy of New Jerusalem music/ascap

  1. Snow/Crash (3:47)
  2. Moth.Rust (3:31)
  3. On This Level Many Dimensions (3:52)
  4. To Make a Ring (4:43)