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Alternative Rock
Dayton, Ohio, USA

“The members of Spark do more than light a fire. To this Dayton-based five piece, music is about earning ones platform to share the gospel by performing the fullest, catchiest, most inspired rock songs that the pop scale can handle. The group epitomized this vision quest with their Rugged Records debut, Tomorrow is Today, which taps into the same influences as Creed, Live, the Goo Goo Dolls, Sense Field, Nine Days, and SR-71. The music has a driving double-guitar rock edge, but Sparks key emphasis is always on strong pop vocals and melodies. Spark - made up of Dave Truscott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jesse Jackson (vocals), Scott Peters (bass), Steve Peters (drums), and Todd Osborn (lead guitar) - started off as a regional hit in Ohio nearly five years ago performing with groups like Audio Adrenaline, Plumb, Skillet, Fold Zandura, Geoff Moore and the Distance, and Reality Check. Their success reached total buzzworthy proportions in 1998 when Spark became the grand champion of Radio Us Battle of the Bands. Soon after the victory, Spark was even asked to perform at Radio Us much-hyped 4th of July music festival. In other words, while Tomorrow is Today might be the groups debut national album, Spark is no stranger to the national spotlight. As affirmed by Radio U, Sparks songs go head-to-head with the top commercial rock bands in Christian music. However, Spark rises above their peers with a youthful energy and spirit that only a band of 18-to-24 year olds can muster. Rugged Records, recognizing the strength of Sparks pop hooks and the advantage of their youth, will be making a heavy push towards national radio and video dominance. Likewise, the label is pushing for heavy print promotion, both through advertising and feature articles. Of course, the bands strong live performance ethic means Spark will be blazing a fierce trail on the road winning over new fans and sharing their beloved gospel with people from coast to coast. Later became My Existence.” (from


2000 Tomorrow is Today Rugged Records

Tomorrow is Today

2000 Rugged Records

Produced by Travis Wyrick

Dave Truscott - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jesse Jackson - Vocals
Scott Peters - Bass
Steve Peters - Drums
Todd Osborn - Lead guitar

  1. Tomorrow is today (3:38)
  2. Beyond the Sunset (3:26)
  3. All it really is (4:00)
  4. Change (3:33)
  5. Flower (4:55)
  6. Shame (4:38)
  7. Not Alone (3:50)
  8. Feel (3:06)
  9. Waiting (2:41)
  10. Believe (3:16)
  11. Coming Down (3:33)
  12. Contagious (3:14)
  13. [unknown] (3:53)