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Spike Lhard

Rock Parodies
St. Charles, Missouri, USA


Righteous Dimentia

1990 Independent

Spike Lhard (Dave Steiner) – Vocals, acoustic guitar on “Smash the Guitar”

  1. El Shaddai? (parody of “El Shaddai” by Amy Grant)
  2. Knock Him Down (parody of “Rockettown” by Michael W. Smith)
  3. Trends (parody of “Friends” by Michael W. Smith)
  4. Bartley's 6 (parody of “Isaiah 6” by One Bad Pig)
  5. Smash the Guitar (acoustic cover of “Smash the Guitar” by One Bad Pig)
  6. I Cover Them, They Cover Me (parody of “He Covers Me” by Steve Camp)
  7. Tutti Fruitti (parody of “Tutti Fruitti” by Little Richard)
  8. Jesus is God (parody of “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry)
  9. Curieux (poetry reading from Dave Steiner's High Velocity Tribe Music anthology)
  10. I Cover Them, They Cover Me (underground outtake)
  11. I'm not Talkin' About the Pidgeons (parody of “I’m not Talkin’ About Religion” by the Altar Boys)