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Subterranean Café

Alternative Rock
Portland, Oregon, USA

Described as an art/rock band that Dan Zimmerman began in the 1970s.

“In 1984, Dan Zimmerman and some kindred souls formed Subterranean Cafe, a band that reflected both his sixties roots and the art-rock/punk he was hearing. Over a five year period they recorded three records, all reflecting the immeasurable assistance of new-found compatriot, Blair Stevenson. They played at local bars when they weren’t leading worship in church.

Generally, though the church embraced what they were doing, difficulties began to crop up, and Dan developed a growing aversion to the religious obligations well-meaning people put on each other. As he read Dostoevsky, Berdyaev, and the other Christian existentialists he started to look at faith as a great drama rather than a belief system, and this gave him fresh hope and vision for the years to come.”

(excerpt from


1984 Subterranean Cafe
1989 Right on Target Subtrata Records
1994 When Dinosaurs Melt

Subterranean Cafe

1984 Independent

Dan Zimmerman - Guitar, vocals
Blair Stevenson - Guitar, mandolin, vocals
Steve Bakunas - Drums
Sean Boyle - Bass, vocals

  1. It's Cold Outside
  2. Red Hot
  3. Crush That Snake
  4. Technical Idolatry Blues
  5. Walkin' om Horizon Road
  6. Madness from Above
  7. Men are Mute and Quiet Still
  8. In Your Vaulted Room
  9. Burgundy and Midnight Blue

Right on Target

1989 Subtrata Records

Dan Zimmerman - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Blair Stevenson - Vocals, guitars
Don Birch - Lead Guitar
Tom Peterson - Percussion, harmonica
Dave Lawton - Bass, guitar
Terry Dusenberry - Drums

  1. Right on Target
  2. I am Your Champion
  3. Space Jerk
  4. Why is Your Love so Great?
  5. Safe Forever
  6. We Own Joy
  7. You're Still the One That I Believe In
  8. He's Something Else
  9. No Turning Back
  10. Go Down Burning

When Dinosaurs Melt

1994 Independent

Dan Zimmerman - Vocals, guitar
Blair Stevenson - Vocals, lead guitar
Steve Bakunas - Drums
Byron Renderer - Bass

All songs by Zimmerman except 4, 8, 9 by Zimmerman and Stevenson

  1. When Dinosaurs Melt
  2. Neo-Orbit
  3. Crush That Snake
  4. Used
  5. Keep It to Yourself
  6. Changeover
  7. Band Playing Music
  8. Mice
  9. I'm Sorry
  10. Other Warrs
  11. Steady Plodder
  12. Before We Know It