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The Key

Power Pop / Mod
La Verne, California, USA


1986 Thrashin' Power-Pop Smash-A! Records
1987 The Golden Age Unicorn Records

Thrashin' Power-Pop

1986 Smash-A! Records

Shane Ries - Guitar, Vocals
Henry Chavez - Bass, Vocals
David White - Drums on this single
Mike Young - Drums

Produced by Pete Claproth
Executive Producer: Raul Ries

All songs by Shane Ries

  1. The Key Theme (1:23)
  2. Evolution (2:49)
  3. This World (1:55)
  4. Make It Tonight (2:53)

The Golden Age

1987 Unicorn Records (PHZA-4)

Shane Ries - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Henry Chavez - Bass, Vocals
Shawn Scriven - Drums

Produced by Antonio Lozano
Executive Producers: Bernie Grant, Raul Ries, Sharon Ries
Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Mixed by Chris Taylor
Photography by Dave Rigg
Recorded by Eric DiBerardo

  1. The Key Theme
  2. Feeling Special
  3. Those Days
  4. Pretty Sparkle
  5. Singing a Lullaby
  6. Counting Away My Life
  7. The Golden Age
  8. Short Changed
  9. The Boy in Blue
  10. A Wonderful Thing