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The Stand

Americana Rock / Power Pop
Los Angeles, California, USA / Chicago, Illinois, USA

Formed in the early nineties and a fixture on the Los Angeles bar circuit, The Stand were initially considered a heartland rock band. They released their debut album Heartbreak Town in 1990 on Wonderland Records. Tony Valenziano then moved to Chicago and recruited a new band (including Mark Robertson of The Altar Boys / Brighton / Generation / This Train fame). They then released In Three Days inj 1992, again on Wonderland Records. This album found the band moving more towards a power pop style, drawing comparisons to Raspberries and Sugar.

In 1995, after the resurgence of power pop, the band was eager to put out another album. But the major labels were not interested. As a result, lead singer Tony Valenziano created Smile Records, a label where The Stand and other power pop bands could call home and have their music released. The Stand toured throughout the U.S. and played at various pop rock and indie festivals. Finally, in 2002, The Stand released its third album, Replay, on Smile Records. The band also had a third completely new line-up behind Valenziano. The Stand have often been compared to Smash and The Rembrandts. Tony Valenziano is also the vocalist and guitarist for Smash as well.


1990 Heartbreak Town Wonderland Records
1992 In Three Days Wonderland Records
2002 Replay Smile Records

Heartbreak Town

1990 Wonderland Records (7013001651)

Tony Valenziano - Lead vocals, 6 & 12 string guitars, acoustic guitars, tambo
Mark Flint - Lead guitars, background vocals
Doug Knectel - Bass, background vocals
Dave Fish - Drums

Produced by Tony Valenziano

  1. Heartbreak Town (4:50)
  2. Everyday (4:36)
  3. Every Dream (4:25)
  4. Reign Of Truth (3:57)
  5. Amazing Grace (3:22)
  6. Eyes Of Love (3:45)
  7. I'm Calling You (4:19)
  8. J146 (5:55)
  9. Heart's Cry (3:54)
  10. Don't Look Back (4:34)

In Three Days

1992 Wonderland Records (7013008656)

Tony Valenziano - Lead vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Paz Vega - Guitar
Mark Robertson - Bass, backing vocals
Dan Holter - Drums

  1. Free Love (4:10)
  2. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (3:39)
  3. Billy (3:26)
  4. Can You See It (3:51)
  5. Look at the Way (4:11)
  6. The Rain (4:38)
  7. Round & Round (4:5)7
  8. Holding Back (4:12)
  9. Fallen Tear (4:16)
  10. Believe (4:10)


2002 Smile Records (1161ZR)

Tony Valenziano - Vocals, guitar, keys
Rick Obradors - Guitar, vocals, keys
Pat Klicker - Bass, vocals
Jaff Marino - Drums, vocals

  1. Everything I Say to You (3:05)
  2. Let's Get Together (3:31)
  3. I Remember You (3:10)
  4. Truth (3:54)
  5. Payday (4:31)
  6. One Love (3:43)
  7. It Doesn't Matter Anyway (2:36)
  8. Not the Same (2:45)
  9. Replay (4:27)
  10. Something About You (3:33)
  11. Better Left Unsaid (3:34)
  12. Feeling Suspicious (3:40)
  13. Damara (3:28)
  14. Walking a Thin Line (3:14)
  15. That's the Way It Goes (8:20)

The label description of this release: “The Stand is a modern Power Pop guitar band with a sound which displays their penchant for the catchy melodies of Raspberries and Sweet-era music, yet adds the pop aggression of bands such as Sugar and The Grays. Big guitars, big hooks and big grooves abound in this music, with the urban poetry of Tony Valenziano causing the listener to become involved with the characters withing the songs. “The Stand is undoubtedly one of the premier power pop groups in 2002….. But good songs are hard to overlook, and with candy-sweet tracks like “Something About You” and “Everything I Say to You,” this is one album that delivers them in spades”- Bradley Torreano (4 Star) rating from All Music guide. The four members of The Stand have been poppin' the L.A. club scene since the new resurgence of power pop and have been leading the way in helping expose this music again. ”