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Think of 3

Electronic Pop Crossover
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

“As James looks back over his music “career” of the last thirteen (13) years, if he died tomorrow, Dawn of a New Day would be considered the epitaph on his tombstone; his personal epiphany.

With five (5) previous studio recordings under his belt, three (3) which were released - DeFault (self titled), James D. Harvey (The Morning After), and Think of 3 (Personalities), this newest release is by far the best; sonically, production, writing, and performance.

After James disbanded the original Think of 3 in late 1995, because of personal dissatisfaction and discontent, James has since been on a journey discovering, not only who he is, but most importantly his Creator and his relationship with God - The Father, Jesus Christ - The Son, and The Holy Spirit (i.e., Think of 3). And Dawn of a New Day is a concept album that reflects that very relationship starting with his birth until the present:

The Beginning - the parents meet, marry, and have a son. Questions - the baby / boy questions life. Know Me! - God knocking on the door of the boy's heart but…

The Chase (Isaiah 53 and part of 55) - even as God's enemies, through Jesus' death on the cross, provides a way / draws us back to Himself. Dawn of A New Day - the boy's life story until he hears God's call on his life. Hard to Die! - though loved and accepted by God because of his new found faith in Jesus Christ it's still hard to die to one's way of thinking and actions. Why? - about people trying to put him in a box or conform him into their image instead of what he's been created to be. How Can You Sleep? ( song about Jonah) a call to the church to preach the Good News and to be true to the Truth of the Word, while remembering that we're all the same - all have fallen short of perfection and the glory of God, and the only difference is that we are saved by grace and not of works.

Pondering the Testimony - (romans 3:10…) James' “testimony”. 4 Bonus tracks: previous releases-Satan's Children and Morning After, and re-mix of Questions and Dawn.



1995 Personalities
2000 Dawn of a New Day


1995 Independent

Josh Drennan - Guitar, vocals
James D. Harvey - Guitar, bass
Peter A. Van Emburg - Drums

3 Song EP

“This self-recorded 3-track EP is the first common release of Josh Drennan (guitar, vocals), James D. Harvey (guitar, bass) and Peter A. Van Emburg (drums). The relaxed sound is dominated by melodic bass lines that unavoidably create associations with early Level 42. Together with the excellent drumming, they give the solid basis for catchy melodies that dig deeper and deeper with repeated listenings. Josh's vocals are pleasant, although not highly characteristic. Only one track rocks more by adding Prince-like guitars. A promising debut, these very talented and skilled musicians would deserve a chance for a full length release.” - Reto Koradi (from

Dawn of a New Day

2000 Independent

James D. Harvey - Singer, songwriter, guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards / programming
Derek Steiner - Sax
Emmett Fonte - Harmonica, keys, vocals
Joel Kemmer - Bass
Valerie and Destiny Hinkle - Vocals

  1. The Beginning (0:44)
  2. Questions (4:37)
  3. Know Me! (2:55)
  4. The Chase (3:48)
  5. Dawn of a New Day (3:27)
  6. Hard to Die! (3:08)
  7. Why? (5:14)
  8. How Can You Sleep? (2:03)
  9. Pondering the Testimony (3:42)
  10. Satan's Children & The Morning After (6:48)
  11. Questions (remix) (4:39)
  12. Dawn of a New Day (remix) (3:28)