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Valeri Barinov

Rock Opera

Valeri Barinov was a Russian rock musician that lived int he Soviet Union under the Communist regime of the 1980s. He apparently had to smuggle in the instruments to play his music, record the songs in secret while being tailed by the KBG, and then smuggle them out. He was also arrested and placed in confinement because of his attempts to reach people with Christian Rock music.

It also appears that The Dave Markee Band recorded his 12:00 release as The Trumpet Call, A Rock Opera By Valeri Barinov.


1985 The Trumpet Call
1985 12:00 I Care

The Trumpet Call

1985 Independent

  1. The Trumpet Call Is Heard All Over the World
  2. The World Rejects God
  3. Man Seeks a Way Out
  4. Look at Golgotha
  5. Christ Is Coming Back


1985 I Care ‎(007)

  1. Overture
  2. Cry Out
  3. You Killed Him
  4. Golgotha
  5. Turn Your Eyes
  6. Don't Turn Away
  7. Listen World
  8. Still More Time
  9. He is Coming