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Heavy Metal
Tacoma, Washington, USA

Watchmen was formed in 1984 by Greg Sweet and Kevin Anholt under the original name of Crosswalk. Within the next few months they added Kevin Whistler, Doug Larson, and Dave van Liew. Before joining Watchmen, Dave Van Liew played with Duff McKagan in a jam band (preceding Guns-n-Roses by about a decade), then played in a band called Gypsy, then was a founding member of Seattle glam band Lipstick, and finally was the guitarist/keyboardist for the Seattle metal band Culprit. Due to reading Ezekiel 33 as well as realizing that the name Gregory means 'Watchmen', they decided to change names to Watchmen.

Watchmen's first release (Fear No Evil) was produced by guitarist Dave van Liew. The follow-up album (Generation) was “cheesed out” by the producer according to van Liew (meaning it was heavy on synth and sax). Also, the distributor failed to distribute the album very well. Dave left the band at this point and joined various non-Christian bands like Overlord and Bible Stud. During this time, Dave was also manager for Poor Old Lu.

The rest of the band changed their name to Impact and re-released Generation as Generation of Change before splitting up. Greg Sweet joined a band called Eldon's Machine after Watchmen.


1987 Fear No Evil
1989 Generation Regency Records

Fear No Evil

1987 Independent

Greg Sweet – Vocals
Dave van Liew – Guitars
Kevin Antholt – Keyboards
Doug Larson – Bass
Kevin Whisler – Drums

  1. Fear No Evil
  2. Tug of War
  3. Set Free
  4. The Healer
  5. Kingdom Come
  6. Power from the Lamb
  7. Christian Soldier
  8. His Song


1989 Regency Records (REGR 8224)

Greg Sweet - Vocals
Dave van Liew - Guitars
Kevin Antholt - Keyboards
Doug Larson - Bass
Kevin Whistler - Drums, Percussion

  1. Turn (3:42)
  2. Stand Strong (3:53)
  3. Straight (3:31)
  4. Breakin' the Chains (3:19)
  5. United (3:46)
  6. I Will Be There (4:27)
  7. Defenders (3:51)
  8. One Day (4:07)