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From Duane M. Evarts on Facebook: “Whitestone recorded a four song demo tape in 1986 and when the band had an opportunity to minister in the Philippines, the tape actually got a little radio airplay!

Members of the band include Harley Dugan - Bass; Ernie Valenzuela - Sax, flute, congas; Louis Hevia - Guitar, lead vocals; Julie Hevia - Backup vocals; Brad Taft - Drums; and Carole Speake - Backup vocals.

It should also be mentioned that for this studio recording, David Pettway helped with some of the producing and arranging on the project. He can be clearly heard on some of the background vocals.”


1986 Demo


1986 Independent

Louis Hevia - Guitar, lead vocals
Harley Dugan - Bass
Ernie Valenzuela - Sax, flute, congas
Brad Taft - Drums
Julie Hevia - Backup vocals
Carole Speake - Backup vocals

Songs included:

  • Running