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 Adams, North Dakota, USA Adams, North Dakota, USA
-Jay Mindeman also had a band called [[The Plague]].+[[Jay Mindeman|Jay Mindeman]] ​also had a band called [[The Plague]].
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
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 19?? (no label) 19?? (no label)
-Jay Mindeman+[[Jay Mindeman|Jay Mindeman]]
 Songs on either demo include: Songs on either demo include:
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 Jason Loraas – Lead vocals, backing vocals\\ Jason Loraas – Lead vocals, backing vocals\\
 Eric Lorass – Bass guitar, backing vocals, scary voices\\ Eric Lorass – Bass guitar, backing vocals, scary voices\\
-Jay Mindeman – All guitars, drums, backing vocals\\+[[Jay Mindeman|Jay Mindeman]] ​– All guitars, drums, backing vocals\\
 Kari Drevecky – Drums, groovy handclaps Kari Drevecky – Drums, groovy handclaps
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   - I Believe   - I Believe
   - Laugh at Death (Scream for Life)   - Laugh at Death (Scream for Life)
 +  - I Will If I Can
 ------ ------