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Death Metal
Toledo, Ohio, USA

News items from Screams of Abel:

  • “Godhead will put out their second demo in a few months pending finances. They are a 4-piece brutal thrash band from Toledo, Ohio.”
  • “Godhead has released their second demo in a far more brutal and authentic death metal vein.”
  • “Also coming soon on A.R.T. Records will be the remix of Godhead's second demo, now an EP”
  • “Godhead will have a 7” on A.R.T. Records in January“


1992 Demo
1993 Malevolent Apostasy A.R.T. Records


1992 Independent

  1. Consummation of the Age
  2. Wicked Soul

Malevolent Apostasy

1993 A.R.T. Records

James Brueshaber - Vocals
Mack Campbell - Guitars
Johnny Smith - Bass
Jerry Siler - Drums

  1. Malevolent Apostasy (4:47)
  2. Unspoken Madness (6:58)

Compilation Appearances

Up from the Underground Vol I (A.R.T. Records)

The A.R.T. Records Singles Series Volume 1 (2018 Thrashback Records)
10) Malevolent Apostasy
11) Unspoken Madness
12) Consummation of the Age