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Griff Pilchard

Rushden, Northants, England, United Kingdom


1987 Another Piece of Fruitcake Griffnoizes Tapes
1989 Henry the Giant Turd Griffnoizes Tapes
1993 Nang Nang Nang

Another Piece of Fruitcake

1987 Griffnoizes Tapes (GP5)

Griff Pilchard – Titles, words, music, and wit

  1. (All I Want is) A Little Red Van
  2. The Infamous Frog Song
  3. Maggie (Just Like Frankie Sez)
  4. The Usual Tale of Pistonhead Pete (I’ve Had a Tad Few Beers)
  5. Hanz Behind Our Bachs
  6. Sheepshaker
  7. Signing On
  8. In This Old Town
  9. Waiting for the Summer
  10. Waiting in the Shelter
  11. If You Had Sense
  12. (I Wanna Ride) On the Little Red Bus
  13. (Let's Talk) Telephones
  14. I-I-I-If
  15. Alias Smith and Nose (Superheroes)

Henry the Giant Turd

1989 Griffnoizes Tapes (GP7)

Griff Pilchard – vocals, guitars, keyboards, sound effects

  1. Danny's Sideburns Go All the Way Down to the Bottom of His Ears Nearly (but not Quite)
  2. The Yo-Yo Song
  3. Henry the Giant Turd
  4. Free Entertainment
  5. Tea
  6. 21st Century Spacemen
  7. I Wanna Look Like Cheech Marin
  8. My Bicycle
  9. Ethel the Transexual Spider
  10. Let's Guild a Motorway Baby Yeah
  11. Let's See This Night Through
  12. The Further Adventures of Henry
  13. Cat Paper (as Sold by Dick Cells)
  14. Gooey Gnome

Nang Nang Nang

1993 Independent

Griff Pilchard – Vocals, acoustic guitars, cover art

  1. Wrapoff
  2. Howl for Bristol Town
  3. Cheryl’s Song
  4. Routed Tubars
  5. Poser
  6. Waiting for the Belb
  7. The Rushden Boys
  8. Wratrace
  9. We’re All Going Down the Waggon
  10. Viscious Circle
  11. 8 O’Clock at the Vic