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Heavy Metal
Columbus, Ohio, USA

“'I'm thinking about managing a band,' Eric Adams said to Matt Rice on September 17, 1987. That evening Matt and his brother John, along with drummer Matt Reedy, met guitarist Fred Blanchard and Doug Meacham at Eric's house in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Matt was a guitar player and John played bass. Eric had previously called Fred, the younger brother of one of his friends, to see if he had any leads on singers for a band. Fred said that his band, Cross, had just broken up that day and that he and lead singer Doug were looking to start a new band.

The band spent that fall getting to know each other, introducing existing songs brought into the group and collaborating on new ones. It was that fall that the band recorded their first song together, “Change of a Broken Heart.” The band later re-recorded this song for inclusion on their self-titled EP, (however, they always liked the original recording better.)

In the winter of 1988, a change at the drummer spot led to the final line up that would be known as Legacy. When Matt Reedy departed, he was replaced by John Jenkins, a long time friend of Fred's. During this time, the band had been considering a number of names. Among them were: Threshold, Xristas, and Cross. By the time the band had their first gig, they had settled on the name Legacy.

The band played a number of gigs around Columbus, Ohio that summer, and it was around that time that the idea of a self released EP was born. That fall, the band went into the studio and recorded a six song, self-titled EP. Their early endeavors were leading them into places that none of the members had experienced with past bands. On New Year's Eve of that year, the band was an opening act for Resurrection Band and Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart at the largest venue in Columbus, the Ohio Convention Center.

In the winter of 1989, the band took a major step and entered the Battle of the Bands at the legendary heavy metal rock club The Alrosa Villa. Legacy has the distinction of not only being the first Christian band to enter the battle of the bands at the Alrosa, but the first to win. Later that summer, the band was asked to headline the Alrosa, another first for a Christian band.

After winning the battle of the bands at the Alrosa, the band entered the New Band Showcase at the Cornerstone Festival in Grayslake, Illinois. The winner of the showcase was to be awarded a recording contract by fledgling Christian metal label Pure Metal Records. While Legacy did not win the showcase (came in second), Pure Metal was impressed and they offered the fledgling band a contract anyway. The band never ended up making an album with Pure Metal, but they did have their single “Cross the Line” released on Pure Metal's Heavy Righteous Metal - Chapter II.

Other opportunities quickly followed their success at Cornerstone. Legacy opened for Sacred Warrior in Columbus and subsequently, was asked by Sacred Warrior to open on the road for them throughout the Midwest. Star Song Records offered Legacy a recording contract. The band signed with Star Song and released the single, “What a World,” on the new artist compilation album Brave New Music. Unfortunately, the band's options were not picked up by Star Song and, subsequently, no Legacy albums were released on the Star Song label.

The band ultimately parted ways in the spring of 1992. The band reformed in 2009.”


1988 Legacy
2009 Legacy (re-issue) Eonian Records


1988 Independent

Doug Meacham - Lead vocals, background vocals
Matt Rice - Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, background vocals
Fred Blanchard - Rhythm guitars, lead guitars, background vocals
John Rice - Bass guitar, background vocals
John Jenkins - Drums, all other rude noises

  1. Salvation is Law
  2. Live It
  3. Don't Run Away
  4. Change of a Broken Heart
  5. You Need Love
  6. Red, White, & Blue


2009 Eonian Records

Doug Meacham - Lead vocals
Fred Blanchard - Lead & rhythm guitars
Matt Rice - Lead & rhythm guitars
John Rice - Bass guitar
John Jenkins - Drums

  1. Salvation is Law
  2. Live It
  3. Don't Run Away
  4. Change of a Broken Heart
  5. You Need Love
  6. Red White and Blue
  7. It's Real
  8. Soldiers Unite
  9. One Way or the Other
  10. Comin' Along
  11. Cross the Line
  12. What a World
  13. Forever in Your Arms
  14. Vision of Perfection