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Hard Rock
Boston area, Massachusetts, USA

From bass player Chris Callaway: “M.D. was the first “band” I joined while a youngster in the Boston, Massachusetts suburbs [1990]. Brian Miller played guitar and Andre Salles sang and played keyboards. Andre also programmed the drums before Dylan Mackey joined the band as drummer. Brian and I knew each other from school; I met Andre through my church. We did a bit of recording using primitive tools and it actually sounded, well, okay for a group of young teens. We also played a few shows. This video shows us (minus Andre) playing in Brian's basement. Later in the video, there's a performance (with Andre) at Medway High School in Medway, Massachusetts. My friend Rob Anderson filmed both using a $10,000 Sony chip video camera (broadcast quality). We both would goof around in Cablevision's public access studio at our high school. Strangely enough, Medway High School also had a Cablevision public access studio. They were the perfect places to go to skip class or hide the colorguard's prop rifles that were used in performances.”

After this band, Chris moved to Colorado and formed Glimpse of Reality.