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Thrash/Death Metal
Sarasota, Florida, USA

Formerly known as Ninthour (from 1991-1992). Formed in 1992, split up in 1994.

From Screams of Abel:

  • “Florida band Ninthour have released a single, ‘Torn in Two,’ reminiscent of early Mortification. since then Ninthour have changed their name to Mansoul and have released their demo Behold The Man.”
  • “Florida brutal band Mansoul has just released their new 3-song demo with more of a death/thrash musical direction with intricate guitar.”


1993 Demo ‘93

Demo '93

1993 Independent

Christian Thostenson - Bass
Bryan Malaspina - Drums
Jim Davis - Guitars
Justin Holcomb - Vocals

  1. Intro - Psalm 144
  2. Justified by Blood
  3. …Some Kind of Revolution
  4. Sarx Thusia
  5. Victims of Brutality