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Oral Gestation Artefacts

Name: Oral Gestation Artefacts
Founded: 1994
Location: St. Louis, Minnesota, USA

“Oral Gestation Artefacts was an experimental music label that existed in Saint Louis, Missouri from 1994 to 2001. It was founded to encourage local musicians from different music genres to experiment with one another in a free improvisational setting and to release recordings by such artists.

It also encouraged sonic experimentation between musicians and non-musicians, as well as musicians who were proficient on traditional instruments to experiment with non-instruments. Artists studying at local universities also participated, and O.G.A. (as it was known) was also active in the mail-art and visual art genres./'



OGA 01 1994 Trou-de-Loup Cerebral Corset
OGA 02 1995 Hornswoggle Madonna with Flying Head
OGA 03 1996 Hornswoggle Bite the Wax Tadpole
OGA 04 1997 Human Shield Friend of Sinners
OGA 05 1997 Timingila Timingila
OGA/Axis 1 1996 Teledu Witchkitchen