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Progressive Metal
Kingston, Washington, USA

Paragon brings a progressive influenced melodic metal sound. In addition to releasing two demo tapes, Just Believe and Dead And Alive, Paragon won the Klitsap County “battle of the bands” contest three years running. You would think a label might have taken notice and signed these guys.

The track “Why Are There So Many Sinners?” shows up on Underground Metal Compilation put out in 1988 by Regency records.

Jeff Schronce went on to form the band Thresh. Paul Roraback went on to join Grammatrain as well as forming bands like Gideon's Press, The Illustrated Band, and PJ Bostic.


Just Believe

1984 Independent

Jeff Schronce – Lead vocals, guitar
Dave Schmidt – Bass, keyboards
Paul Roraback – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

  1. Just Believe
  2. Why are There So Many Sinners?
  3. Choose One Master

Dead and Alive

1988 Independent

Jeff Schronce - Guitar, vocals
Rod Banach - Bass
Paul Roraback - Drums

  1. Forsake All
  2. Roche De Ballade
  3. Give Him Glory
  4. Dead and Alive
  5. Heaven Metal