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New Wave
Fullerton, California, USA


1984 Zion Records


1984 Zion Records (C-8401)

John Covell - Guitar, lead vocals
Ron Shilts - Background vocals
Rick Fisher - Bass, background vocals
Dan Knox - Drums, percussion, background vocals

Lynette Vigon - Backgrouns vocals
Phil Kristianson - Piano on “All Things”

Produced by Pax and Phil Kristianson

Engineered and mixed by Bill Cobb
Additional engineering by Mike Leitz
Recorded and mixed at Polema Studios, Camarillo, CA
Photography by Tim Buche

All arrangements by Pax
All songs written John Covell, except
“New 8O's Man” by John Covell and Dan Knox
“Soul Security” by John Covell and Nichole Fisher

Thanks to Phil, Bill and Marsha (what Manners), Lynette and Jonn Vignon (even now), Tim Buche, Joy Bowman, Dave Hackbarth (we have the technology) Jon Byron, Calvary S.A., Eastside, Bebbie, Coley and Adam, special thanks to Mark Bucher.

Most of all to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Chríst - Provebs 3:5,6

  1. Gonna Live
  2. Going Up
  3. New 8O's Man
  4. Your Money or Your Life
  5. Do You Believe
  6. All Things
  7. Tammy
  8. Jesus
  9. Soul Security
  10. Real Thing
  11. Having Fun
  12. No Way