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Peculiar People Band

Alternative Rock
Cape Town, Africa

A bunch of surfers just out of school formed Peculiar People, an alternative rock band which has crowds simply “stoked” over their music and vibe. You've probably seen one of their gigs somewhere in South Africa, or heard their songs on 5 FM, Goodhope, CCFM, Link FM, or on many of the other local radio stations.

Peculiar People officially started in August 1997, with best friends doing what they love most making music with a difference. Gary Rea sings the lead vocals and cooks on the acoustic guitar, Darrell O'Donoghue is the king on drums, Warren Beets plays the lead guitar and Robert Murray styles on bass. They have a full time Manager and Sound Engineer and a few “roadies” to lighten the load.

Their self titled debut album sold over 1,000 copies when launched in Cape Town in the first year alone. Featuring excellent songs like “Greenwood” and “The Message” which were play listed on 5 FM. To top this, Peculiar People played live on the TDK music session on Barney Simon's Night Zoo on 5 FM, which was a raging success and the guys loved meeting the DJ's and playing in the most outrageous studio. They also won the “Hit or Miss” voting competition on Ian F's show on 5FM!

The band also hit No.1 on CCFM's top 40 for 14 consecutive weeks. The album “Peculiar People” was the second most played album on CCFM with “Cow Bell” the second most played song on the station. The album features some of the finest acoustic worship ballads in the world, reminiscent of Delirious? and Matt Redman, and the songs like “My Old Life” proves this point.

What makes this accomplishment even more incredible is the fact that these milestones were achieved without a Recording Contract, or Distributor. Without Advertising, any Budget or any Hype! The public simply loves their music! They have since achieved “Song of the year” on Link FM with “Here I am,” which we will be releasing on the album titled “Waiting for the Son.” Their latest release “By Surprise” has just been made available - It's Hot!!!!

Having toured extensively throughout most major cities in South Africa, only Durban is left to hear Peculiar People live. Because the band members are all full time students, they are planning to hit the international market in two years time, at the completion of their studies, giving them time to learn from the South African music industry. Despite their study commitments they have played to thousands of people in concerts during the last two years.


1997 Peculiar People Peculiar People
1999 Peculiar People Waiting for the Son
2001 Peculiar People Dayplay
???? Peculiar People By Surprise
2003 Peculiar People Band Orange
2004 Peculiar People Band Three Guys, Two Days EP Maranatha!
2005 Peculiar People Band Not Ashamed Maranatha!

Peculiar People

1997 Independent

Gary Rea - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Darrell O'Donoghue - Drums
Warren Beets - Lead guitar
Robert Murray - Bass

  1. The Message (3:39)
  2. Never Gonna Let You Go (3:25)
  3. Dream Maker (4:14)
  4. Greenwood (2:59)
  5. Long Live the King (3:25)
  6. My Old Life (4:47)
  7. She Needs a Saviour (3:39)
  8. Would He Go (3:00)
  9. Cowbell Song (2:10)
  10. Bonus Track (3:59)

Waiting for the Son

1999 Independent

  1. Father (3:02)
  2. Waiting for the Son (4:21)
  3. Let Me Be the One (4:55)
  4. Here I Am (5:38)
  5. Friend (3:50)
  6. Free (3:19)
  7. Need (3:33)
  8. There Were Times (5:47)
  9. My Flesh (4:29)
  10. Cow House (3:49)


2001 Independent

  1. 52 (3:32)
  2. Water of Love (5:04)
  3. Walking Into You (3:40)
  4. Dayplay (3:14)
  5. The Moment (3:27)
  6. Different World (3:43)
  7. There You Go (3:56)
  8. Prodigal (3:54)
  9. Calm Rushing (3:09)

By Surprise

???? Independent

  1. Rock My World (2:39)
  2. Country Boy (4:54)
  3. Close Again (4:02)
  4. Oh My Lord (3:35)
  5. Greenmix (4:01)


2003 Independent

  1. Place
  2. Jesus Rock My World
  3. Anthem
  4. On My Mind
  5. Turn My Way
  6. Take Me
  7. Sorry
  8. Angel
  9. Stars
  10. Can I Leave My Head
  11. Let Me Be the One
  12. The Moment

Three Guys, Two Days EP

2004 Maranatha!

  1. Water of Love
  2. True Worship Song
  3. Son of God
  4. Here I Am

Not Ashamed

2005 Maranatha!

Gary Rea - Vocals, guitar, bass
Deon Kleinhans - Electric guitar, bass
Darrell O’Donoghue - Drums

  1. Today (3:46)
  2. Son of God (3:09)
  3. Rise With You (4:35)
  4. Glory to You (4:33)
  5. Can I Leave My Head (3:34)
  6. On My Mind (3:39)
  7. Minister to Me (4:33)
  8. Water of Love (3:55)
  9. You're With Us (4:16)
  10. Not Ashamed (4:43)
  11. True Worship Song (3:57)
  12. It's All Good (3:47)
  13. Only Sacrifice (4:41)