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Experimental Post Rock
Long Beach, California, USA

S.O.N. was a project by Orlando Greenhill of Havalina Rail Co fame.


1996 Disturbulanced / S.O.N. (split) Orlando Split Comp

Orlando Split Comp

1996 Independent

Antiseptic Loom – Vox, Guitars, Bass, Beat Force

Antiseptic Durindona – Guitars, Basses of all Different Tenor, Drums

All songs by Orlando Greenhill

  1. Disturbulanced – Intro Washed Clean
  2. Disturbulanced – Riot
  3. Disturbulanced – Speaking God’s Word Kills Germs
  4. Disturbulanced – James 3:5-12
  5. Disturbulanced – Skatin’ on Scorpions and Snakes
  6. S.O.N. – The Struggle (Willing Spirit)
  7. S.O.N. – Unity Through One(s) Ancient Blood
  8. S.O.N. – Fryer
  9. S.O.N. – Life’s a Demolition Derby (Cutting the Grass)