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Sanctified Sister

Future-Funk / Noise-Pop / Trip-Hop
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Sistah's 2003 Bio: “When describing Sistah's unique sound, fans call it “R&B Noise-pop, Trip-hop.” Soulful vocals, groove heavy guitar noise, beat loops with haunting keys, make up key element to the band's cross genre appeal.

The band's first two CDs (Hybrid and H2Ultra) were hailed as provocative, innovative and groundbreaking. Both records are a collection of tracks with bits of fission, fusion and soul bonded with pieces of noise-pop, dance and gospel. The music according to one reviewer is: “a patchwork quilt that once together makes perfect sense. The listener is never under surprised by the huge amount of territory Sistah is able to cover.”

Shadowlands is the band's debut project on Indie Dream Recordings and is off the hook with catchy grooves. As another reviewer aptly put it: “The Brand New Heavies with fire in their bellies.” Ready or Not Sistah is a group whose time is now!”

Caprice Cummings - Lead vocals, background vocals, keys, and sequence programming
Justin DeTie - Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, sequence programming, background vocals
Chuck Cummings - Bass guitars
Jim Calvert - Drums, background vocals


199? Sanctified Sister Demo
1995 Sanctified Sister Promotional Demo
1997 Sanctified Sister Hybrid Hour House Records
1997 Sanctified Sister H2Ultra
2002 Sanctified Sistah Shadowlands Indie Dream Recordings
200? Sanctified Sistah We Tried To Tell Ya Indie Dream Recordings


199? Independent

Promotional Demo

1995 Independent

Produced by Jimmy P. Brown II

  1. Jaded
  2. Kindred Spirit
  3. Tranquil


1997 Independent

“The blisteringly heavy silk of Sanctified Sister's lead singer permeates every nook and cranny of their new release Hybrid. The CD's title goes a long way toward describing the many styles an influences that are evident on this work. There are bits of fission, fusion, and soul bonded with pieces of metal, dance, and gospel, all stitched into a patchwork quilt that once together makes perfect sense. The music seems to peer out at you from a dark corner of the room and whisper to get the point across and then suddenly emerge right into your face for a few seconds only to return to it's vigilance in the corner a few moments later. The listener is never under-surprised by the huge amount of territory Sanctified Sister is able to cover.”

H2 Ultra

1998 Independent

H2ULTRA (The Mixes) is the follow-up EP to Sanctified Sister's critically-hailed debut release Hybrid. H2ULTRA is 6 tracks of Cybersoul-Alternafunk-NoizePop-Triphop as only our heroes can bump it. New singles and re-recorded new mixes make this CD a must for any Sanctifan out there.


2002 Indie Dream Recordings

  1. World in a Daydream
  2. Free Me
  3. For Eyes to See
  4. Pretty Things
  5. Dispel
  6. I Will be the One
  7. Luna Burned
  8. Blind
  9. Of Former Times
  10. December Snow
  11. Romerica

Shadowlands is the latest CD by future-funk/noise-pop/ trip-hop/ pioneers Sistah and their first project on Indie Dream Recordings. Being a label by artists (for artists) made IDR an ideal home for Sistah's. From track 1 through 12, Shadowlands is jammed packed with trip-notic grooves guaranteed to make ya move. The CD's first single “World in a Daydream” shatters the tired boundaries indicative of industry releases and dishes up a fresh vibe that's on the real. Other tracks like “Free Me” open with a smooth slow burn but deliver an intense noise pop climax that you can't help but feel. This unique collection of cyber-soul cuts is just a taste of what the future holds for Sistah's eclectic four and all of us.“

We Tried To Tell Ya