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Secret Archives of the Vatican

Electronic World Fusion Music
Croydon, England, United Kingdom

From Wikipedia: “Secret Archives of the Vatican are a collective of musicians, based across the UK, but with main recording facilities in Croydon, South London. The band was formed in 1988 by Vince Millett, who was joined in the early 1990s by Louis Counter. They were influenced by the clubs of the Asian Underground scene and also by artists such as Transglobal Underground and Bill Laswell. The third core band member is Peter Sharpe, specialising in UK roots dub reggae. Ginger Shinobi has at various times been the band's manager and on-stage DJ.”

From Bandcamp: “Secret Archives of the Vatican are Broken Drum Records' main act. Their music is usually described as Transglobal Breakbeat Dub Science as it contains elements of many genres: breakbeat, dub, dubstep, drumstep, triphop, drum and bass, Indian, Arabian and Turkish musics and many more. They are a small collective, based across the UK but with main recording facilities in Croydon, South London.”


1989 Secret Archives of the Vatican aka “1”
1990 Across Darkness, Benediction aka “2”
1991 Lamentations Concerning the Five Sorrows of Love as The Shockin' Holy Saints
1991 White Flower of the Blackberry aka “Chapter Three”
1993 Fish Drum
1994 Isa's Tears
1994 The Walled Garden of Truth
1995 The Storm Within
1995 Nasrani
1996 Turquoise
1998 Reformation
2001 Dust: The Remixes
2003 The Beautiful Names of God Volume 1
2008 Individual Tracks for Free Download
2008 Babylon Halt
2009 Remembering Machine
2009 Dreams and Visions
2010 The Glidepath EP
2010 Wisdom Truth EP
2011 Barbary Lion
2012 Panjandrum
2012 War on Terra
2013 Storms
2014 Storytellers
2015 Damascene
2018 Singles 2018
2018 Pierce the Sky
2019 Barsoom
2019 Khorasan
2020 East Meets East
2020 Singles 2020
2020 Three Wise Women
2020 Rituals
2021 Halls of Stone
2021 Singles 2021
2021 Carve The Runes

Secret Archives of the Vatican

1989 Independent

Vince Millett

  1. Chanctonbury Ring
  2. The Balcony of Endless Days
  3. High Spires Have Fallen
  4. The Book of Hours
  5. Albannaich
  6. The Wall of the Three Whispers

Across Darkness Benediction

1990 Independent

Vince Millett

  1. Narrow Stone
  2. Tail of the White Tiger
  3. Of Ancient Swords Be Still
  4. Sprog the Dark Cat
  5. I Will Forget You in the Thirteenth Month
  6. Colloquay of the Elders
  7. Dragon Bone
  8. Hall of Stallions (She Moves Through the Fair)
  9. Tent of Silk
  10. Nostra Phalans
  11. Fair White Swan / There is a Garden in Her Face
  12. Sir Robin the Reliant and the Quest for the Holy Ale
  13. The Wind’s Twelve Quarters
  14. Moonrise on a Distant Shore

Lamentations Concerning the Five Sorrows of Love

1991 Independent

Vince Millett

This collection contains 3 genuine medieval tunes, come monks from Tibet, Robin of Locksley, a choir, and some gadgets.

  1. Lamentations: Prelude
  2. Lament for an Irish Princess
  3. Love is Stronger Than Death
  4. The Toymaker's Dream
  5. Lament for the Sorrows of Love
  6. Crossing the Sacred Wilderness
  7. Lament for the Daughter of Prophecy
  8. Lamentation: The Tracks of the Poet's Snowshoes
  9. Lamentation: The Hour of White Roses

Whiteflower of the Blackberry

1991 Independent

Vince Millett

All written by Vince Millet except #7 written by Brad Hough who played Kydbs & electric whale

  1. Heart’s Desire
  2. The Wind Among the Reeds
  3. Torc of Twisted Gold
  4. Craneskin Bag
  5. Trembling Mist of Peaches
  6. The Lost Tribes of Albion
  7. Eclipse Over Golgotha
  8. Whiteflower of the Blackberry
  9. The Yellow Leaves of Endseason

Fish Drum

1993 Independent

All pieces written by Vince Millett, except by #3 by Jon Payne
All guitars, guitar synths, and percussion programming by Vince Millett
All guitars on #3 by Jon Payne
MIDI Sax on #1, 10, and 13 by Jax

  1. Fish Drum
  2. Salt Trader Buys a Yak
  3. Dance for the Earthmaker
  4. Gelding of the Devil
  5. I Often Wonder Am I… Mad??
  6. Fold Your Dark Locks
  7. Delight of the Poet's Road
  8. Sarabande
  9. Peacocee Raise Their Heads at the Sound of the Chariot's Axle
  10. Chalice of Beechwood
  11. Gavotte
  12. Y Ssaith Owe a Doaeth in Ol O Iweddon
  13. Do Not Gnaw Upon the Treeroots
  14. Summer Unlasting
  15. The Hous of Healing
  16. Ex Semine Abrahe
  17. Tabernacles

Isa's Tears

1994 Independent

The Walled Garden Of Truth

1994 Independent

The Storm Within

1995 Independent


1995 Independent


1996 Independent

  1. Love Becomes a Withered Rose
  2. The Way to the Hollow Field
  3. Sun of My Shadows
  4. Isa al-Haq
  5. Turquoise on Rough Paper
  6. Transmutation Cloud Rider Dub
  7. Noel Nouvelet
  8. Thereadhean
  9. I Wish to Stay With the Dragons!
  10. Among the Willows at Dawn
  11. White Butterflies, O Sister of FLowers!
  12. Third Prayer
  13. Fortune My Foe
  14. Peace in the Lair of Tigers
  15. Wild-Haired Meg
  16. The Woman With the Waterpot Sweats
  17. Crane Dancing in a Deserted Garden
  18. Fortune My Foe (slight return)


1998 Broken Drum Records

All tunes copyright Vince Millett and Louis Counter except Godheadz (Vince Millett, Louis Counter, Paul Davis). The Quarter Brawle and Peasant's Daughter are traditional, arranged by Vince Millett and Louis Counter.

  1. Reformation (5:46)
  2. Takla Makan (6:42)
  3. Giant Stomping (5:19)
  4. Peasant's Daughter (2:13)
  5. Valley of the Kings (4:01)
  6. Space Temple (4:50)
  7. Little Flower (3:51)
  8. Godheadz (7:02)
  9. Veena Riff Monster (0:50)
  10. The Quarter Brawle (3:14)
  11. In the Shade of the Injil (7:35)
  12. Concerning Prophecy (6:56)
  13. Careful With That Noseflute, Louis! (0:21)
  14. Dark Night of the Soul (7:44)
  15. Caress the Lines Away (0:37)
  16. Creed for the Third Millennium (3:37)

Dust: The Remixes

2001 Broken Drum Records

  1. Dust (Psalmistry Mix) (5:58)
  2. Dust (MrH Mix) (4:29)
  3. Dust (Sheltershed Mix) (5:29)
  4. Dust (Secret Archives of the Vatican Album Mix) (4:37)
  5. Dust (DJ darryL & DJ c3po Mix) (5:01)
  6. Dust (TR Mix) (5:07)
  7. Dust (Baad House Mix) (6:48)
  8. Dust (Infinitropolis Mix) (10:00)

The Beautiful Names of God Volume 1

2003 Broken Drum Records

  1. Isa al-Hamid (4:18)
  2. The Walls of Byzantium (Beit Arabi Mix) (4:56)
  3. Lament for Baghdad the Golden (6:26)
  4. Revelator (5:46)
  5. The Book of Clouds and Rain (4:27)
  6. The Merciful, the Compassionate (5:33)
  7. Caleb Dub (Remix by Uncle Riotous) (7:29)
  8. The Stones at the Feet of a Prophet (Hard Road Mix) (6:47)

(…to be continued…)