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Houston, Texas, USA

From Screams of Abel: “Silas Musicworks (King's X, Galactic Cowboys) introduce you a new band: Shadoworld features Marty Warren and Dale Richardson, who have co-written several of King's X tunes.”


“For Houston's Shadoworld, grunge never went away. It just got meaner. Indeed, the heavy-riffing foursome's new CD, Vent – the release of which they'll celebrate Friday at Millennium – may have Soundgarden fans doing a double-take.

When he's not busy sounding like Sammy Hagar with a nasty chest cold, lead singer/guitarist Matt Weaver is quite capable of pulling off a respectable Chris Cornell. And as for the band in general, something tells me they could give “Loud Love” a serious working-over, live. Their pugnacious power chords are as meticulous and reliable as a human pulse.

All of which would seem to imply that Shadoworld really doesn't have anything new and different to add to the flannel-metal equation. But that's more than okay, seeing as Soundgarden is history. And you have to respect the band's blatant disregard for weapon safety: “Raise it up / Just to bring it down / Twist it once or twice,” a blood-hungry Weaver snarls on “Bleed Me.” Ouch.”

(excerpt from

Vent is the latest incarnation of Shadoworld. Power redefined. This writing process began with a frustrated new mindset. They finally said “Fuck it!”. Let the shit fall where it may. This CD exposes the dark side of their musical reality. Months of prep work, pre-production and rehearsal led into months of studio work, recording and post-production. Then, the baby was born and boy - is it pissed! Life is hard. Suffice it to say that the world is pretty fucked up. Sure, there are the good times, of course, but in their long struggle for musical recognition, they found that the music world, like any other avenue you may pursue, is full of pitfalls. Members of this band have written songs released on major labels by rising artists, but nothing guarantees you an “in”. The struggle continues. The beauty of it is that heavy rock music is born of frustration and rebellion and this CD explodes with emotion from the core of life itself. When you’re in the gutter, there’s nowhere to go but up and this band is fighting it’s way out with a fury that can only be released in a cataclysm of heavy music. Record companies have flirted and some industry big wigs maintain an interest, but the goal is to emerge nationally as a powerhouse representation of the future heavy music scene. Bottom line - SHADOWORLD wants people everywhere to be able to listen to what this band can do. But hold on just a minute! Let’s take a step back. Marty Warren and Dale Richardson have played in bands and written songs together for more years than they care to remember. Matt Weaver has performed in numerous bands and is this band’s resident in-house techno-wiz. The three of them joined forces in 1990 and after bringing a drummer a thousand miles cross country to complete the lineup, they recorded two local releases and played many shows in support. Close, but no cracker. After four years of playing shows and late night partying, the first drummer decided to go his own way and the original trio remained to ponder the possibilities and work out a new sound. In 1996, drummer Jaime Recio was added to fill the void just as pre-production was beginning for Vent. The new songwriting differed and progressed from anything that SHADOWORLD had recorded before. The songs were written and produced by the three founding members, but Jaime added the final element with his powerhouse drumming and the CD began taking shape. Spread it out and drive it home. The release is just what you would expect… like sex when you have waited too long.”



1993 Shadoworld
199? [unknown second release]
1997 Vent Genetic Buzz Records


1993 Independent

Produced by Shadoworld
Cover illustration by Mark Dietrich
Original logo design by Scott Morgan

Mary Warren - Guitar, lead vocals
Dale Richardson - Bass, vocals
Matt Weaver - Guitar, vocals
Dan Enright - Drums, vocals

  1. Sea of Time
  2. Follow the Sound
  3. You Say
  4. Dust
  5. Look at You Now
  6. Living on the Edge
  7. Boisarus
  8. The Dark Pools


1997 Genetic Buzz Records

Matt Weaver - Lead vocal, guitar
Marty Warren - Lead guitar, vocals
Dale Richardson - Bass, backing vocals
Jaime Reco - Drums and percussion

Dave Nevling - Harmonica on track 10
Frank Hart - Artwork, layout, and photos

All tracks words and music: Warren, Richardson, and Weaver

  1. Stronger
  2. Bleed Me
  3. Pain Colored Blue
  4. Charlie's Neighbor
  5. Arrows Fly
  6. Mary
  7. Dear Loser
  8. Race Of Rats
  9. Stained
  10. Feed