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Sonic Hope Records

Name: Sonic Hope Records
Founded: 198?
Location: California, USA

The Sonic Hope community was a group of friends that wrote, recorded, and self-distributed cassettes. Each release came out on different colored Xeroxed covers. The Sonic Hope community included John R. Williamson, Mandy Troxel, David Finley, Korby and Eric Paulsen, Chad Bryant Edmundson, and Michael Knepher - along with various friends and partners.



1988 Household Morgan Household Morgan
1989 David Finley Tired Feet, Hungry Soul
1989 Household Morgan Demo
1991 Chad Bryant Edmundson Promise
1991 Lefty and the Loopy Dwadlers Motion Picture Poetry
1992 Bob Logride
1992 Robert Deeble The Big Yellow
1992 John R. Williamson Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?
1993 Chad Bryant Edmundson Wonder and Strangeness
1993 John R. Williamson Canvas of Blue
1993 John R. Williamson Make a Songwriter Happy
1993 Eric Paulsen A Backyard Auction
199? John R. Williamson Sketches
199? David Finley Taking Steps
1997 John R. Williamson Purple Blanket