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Surrender 18

Alternative Rock
Bedminster, New Jersey, USA


Surrender 18

1990 Independent

Dave Urbanski – Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, feedback guitar, vocals
Jeff Van Ness – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Keith Wittel – Bass guitar, vocals
Tom Cannarella – Drums, percussion, vocals

  1. Circle of Seven
  2. Lyngillian
  3. To Begin Again
  4. A Prayer for You
  5. Springtime Eternity
  6. Inside My Heart
  7. The Only One

Modern Dreams

1992 Independent

Dave Urbanski – Electric guitar, vocals
Jeff Van Ness – Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals
Keith Wittel – Bass, vocals
R. Thomas Cannarella – Drums

  1. Goin' Down in Flames
  2. Wake
  3. Grey Tears
  4. Into the Whirlwind