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The Reign

Alternative Rock
California, USA


1989 Back From Euphoria Jondo Recordings
1989 Back From Euphoria Jondo Records / Image Records
1991 9 From Neverland

Back From Euphoria

1989 Jondo Recordings
1989 Jondo Records / Image Records (000-139-1518)

Harold Bloemendaal, Jr – Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Greg Kemable – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Travis Sheetz – Synthesizers, Hammond B-3, backing vocals
Curtis Holtzen – Bass guitars, percussion, backing vocals
Dug Dorr – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Darrel Mansfield – Harp on “Cold Desert Wind” and “Trouble on My Mind”
Gene Eugene – Acoustic guitar on “Dancer”
Riki Michelle – Backing vocals on “Don't Let It Take You Down” and “Running out of Time”

Produced by Gene Eugene

  1. In Another Room
  2. Cold Desert Wind
  3. Looking for You (On Christmas Day)
  4. Running out of Time
  5. Trouble on My Mind
  6. Weakness
  7. Love Survive
  8. Don't Let It Take You Down
  9. Dancer

9 From Neverland

1991 Independent

  1. Strip
  2. Wallstreet Wisdom
  3. Suffer the Children
  4. Standing on the Edge
  5. Hold Me Now
  6. Touch
  7. Pride and Prejudice
  8. Long Shadow
  9. Sad Hearts