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Poulsbo, Washington, USA

“Consisting of Jeff Schronce on the git-tar, Scott Snyder whumpin' the skins and Duffy Williams thumpin' the sub, THRESH is a hodge-podge of seventies art-rock, modern bomb-blast grind, and, every once in a while, a bit-o-blues. If hodge-podge makes you think of a train wreck dipped in plastic, think again. THRESH is a distinct, aromatic blend. Though not mountain grown, this band combines raw, reckless hardcore rock with smooth, progressive chops and vocal lines for a most delightful sonic experience cup after cup.

Jeff Schronce, a git-fiddler for over fifteen years, once ruled the local Kitsap County 80's metal scene with his band Paragon. Now a married man and no longer allowed to wear spandex, Jeff has pursued a more thoughtful use of tube-incinerating distortion as well as a deeply Christian lyrical approach. Not content with a spoon-fed lyrical style, Jeff forces the listener (and reader) to think, scratch, and sometimes dig just a bit.

Scott Snyder, also a married man and restricted from spandex, played and recorded drums for techno stuff like Human Condition and girl-pop projects like Mercy. Formally educated in the graphic arts, Scott finds himself consistently badgered by band mates to produce more and more logos, CD covers, band bios and the like. Scott's response to such treatment: “It's nice to feel needed”.

Duffy Williams, a former student of the world-renowned Full Sail Recording School in croc-infested Florida, is one heck of a knob-tweaker and a bassist of the highest caliber. Duffy has played in many live and recording situations, and currently operates his own studio.

THRESH strive to keep a balanced perspective on music and the music industry. The band credits Jesus Christ (the Eternal Superhero) for any success in keeping head sizes to a minimum and outreach to a broken world at a maximum.”


1995 Demo
1996 Thresh


1995 Independent

Jeff Schronce – Guitars, lead vocals
Duffy Williams – Bass, vocals
Scott Snyder – Drums

  1. Shovel
  2. All is Well
  3. Repaired
  4. Where I Stand


1996 Independent

Jeff Schronce – Guitars, lead vocals
Duffy Williams – Bass, vocals
Scott Snyder – Drums

  1. Not Breathing
  2. Fly 4
  3. Find You
  4. They
  5. Mouth
  6. Amblin'
  7. Butter
  8. Man of Steel


Hard Music Sampler 68 (November/December 1997 HM Magazine)
13) They (4:32)

Pick of The Litter - Volume One (1998 HM Magazine)
12) They (4:29)