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Tom Graves

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, USA

Other songs noted in reviews, but without note of what demo they come from, are “Good Guru Miss Lulu” and “Max and the Pope.”


1985 Meaningful Nonsense
1986 Elan Vital
1989 Five O'clock Shadow

Meaningful Nonsense

1985 Independent

Tom Graves - Vocals, other instruments?

Songs include:

  • Turning Ninety (w/ Randy Stonehenge)
  • Eddie
  • Shooting the Bad Girl

This tape earned a strong review in the October 1986 issue of The Cutting Edge.

Elan Vital

1986 Independent

Tom Graves - Vocals, instruments (except Tom's wife on flute)

Songs include:

  • Hills of Kentucky
  • Slap Jack
  • Musical Days
  • Fire
  • Eyebrows Dancing
  • Max & The Pope
  • Good Guru Miss Lulu

Five O'clock Shadow

1989 Independent

Tom Graves - Vocals, all instruments

Songs include:

  • Big Wild World
  • Think We'll Always Be Here
  • Hitler Had a Hell of a Smile
  • Blitzkrieg 89